Thursday, August 4, 2011

We're going back to Cali!- Day 01.

First day of our trip. We started here, fitting don't you think?

Best part we were here to board our bus...The Lux Bus!

With our lovely bus driver and bus hostess Natasha. She was a Russian and she reminded me of this lady (Cue cheesy 80's theme music)...

Our road movie was...get this, Battlefield : Los Angeles.  Umm..didn't watch that. I was reading this..

Its a good summer read.  Can't wait till the movie! :)  And of course listening to the ipod, with the occasional nap. We stopped for dinner in the lovely Barstow Station.

We got into California around 830, I think. It was so nice not to be stressed driving down there. I always drive and usually don't mind.  But its nice to kick back and relax. Thats what vacation is all about!

                      Our of the cheaper in the neighborhood.
 After we checked in, the  hotel manager told me that they had run out of  two day park hopper tickets..which is what I bought. He gave us a three day parkhopper for no cost! WOOT-WOOT! So, off we went to walk down to Disneyland, which was a mile or so away. But we went the long way...Lilly got very tired, and we barely made it to the top of Downtown Disney, which was the resort area, Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier and my personal favorite...which someday I hope to stay The Grand Californian...I begged the bellhop to let me borrow the wheelchair to at least wheel her down to the main entrance to Disneyland which was probabaly easy another mile. So I did.  I got Lilly wheeled all the way down to the entrance, dropped her off, ran the wheelchair all the way back to the hotel and walked back.  By this time it easily had to be past 1030 and the park closed at midnite. So I investigated how much a wheelchair was going to cost was ridiculous for that night, $32 plus a  $20 deposit for an hour and a half? I didn't think so. So I assisted Lilly to walk to the Main Street train station where we hopped the train to Tomorrowland, because at this point all I cared about was getting out of the park. You see, the cabs were at the top of Downtown Disney were this story began. But I felt bad for Lilly, and thought well we could at least walk inside for a little bit. So, we rode the train around the whole park, its one of my favorites, simple I know. Good memories with Mom and Dad. Anyway, so we got off, by this time it was after eleven. We finally fought our way to the up to the top waiting for the last monorail to leave the park, and Lilly had to go to the restroom. So we missed it. By the time we left, the park had closed. I got this neat picture.  Hey I'm a nightshift worker, doesn't bother me!
                                                  Disneyland- after dark.
It was a long walk back. But Lilly did really well considering. I thought to myself whenever we get out is just what it is. We got a cab back to our room and we didn't get there till 1 am.  No big deal.
That is all for day one.

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