Sunday, July 31, 2011


Its true. I am going to be facebook free? Trying the FB Diet,for one week. I realized as I was on facebook this morning, after I had slept in late..that how hooked I was into cyberspace. I mean, it was only about  3 yrs ago that I finally bought my own personal laptop. Heck, I even made it through nursing school without owning one, I relied heavily on the school library and friends home pc's. But back to this morning. A cousin of mine who is on nearly as much as me said..what if I close my account, I need some real human interaction. I'm all for it. Although had it not been for fb, I wouldn't have gotten in contact with alot of  my friends, and I wouldn't have gotten to get to know such nice people. It is an interaction for me, I admit it. I love connections! Not to mention, my itunes, and I discovered this...

I know, I'm a little late boarding this train...I started the 30 day free trial, I think i'm enjoying it, but
 its not what I thought it was..I think I may just do the mail option...oh I don't know. We'll see, but its kinda fun having movies available with a click of a mouse, LOL. I love to watch movies when I can, and the last couple of days thats what i've been doing, besides getting caught in another freaky monsoon storm....AGAIN! I love rain.

But I think about when my mother was alive and we couldn't afford it. I was lucky to buy a dial up aol card from the store and use it. And here I am three and a half yrs later and I am at my computer almost everyday! So in a way, i'm going to test myself...and no, i'm not getting totally off of the computer. I'll check my email for the next couple of days. And there is always As My World Turns, if you want to catch up with me , you know where I'm at. But I'm going to  Disneyland this week, and I am so darn excited...I can't tell you!  But here's a peek...

Countdown to the Mouse-94 hrs....but who's counting?  :)
Whats even better, going by bus = I don't have to drive. I get to relax.
Its gonna be a good life....

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