Monday, May 31, 2010

Happenings....our cars

And I found another....'.sigh'
I loved this bus...and the orange couch and bean bag

Ali found hers

And here's the owner

The back was way cute

Joeleene found hers

Lilly found the purple

Melissa's pick, look how clean the inside is! Cute truck, huh?


Lilly found a raggedy ann/ andy store
The two picture takers

My turn....Downtown, lalalalalala =)



Who knew dishes were fun?
Goofing in the kitchen...:)

My finished project

Yes don't fool your funeral page, my first. Hope I did this justice.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adventures in the Boulders

I know what you're thinking, what does this mean? What happened this weekend? Well, started out with fizzled plans. Last minute, I decided I wanted to go to a Star Wars in concert which was a live orchestra with a big screen playing the original movie background with some cool special effects. Since I waited last minute, the cheapy $25 seats were gone, and I couldn't reason to spend $55, so I decided not. Then, Joelene contacted me and wanted help with her dads scrapbook she is going to give him for Fathers Day. I said sure, and I also made plans with Lilly and Melissa to go to Boulder City to...ready for the name? The Best Dam Barbecue Cookoff. Thats in honor of Hoover Dam, get it? So I was in for a fun weekend. I invited Alison over with Joelene. She has this awesome machine called a SHARK. I wanted a test drive. Its a steam cleaner thats about the size of a swifter. And, the best part is no soap! All steam, and its so simple I can use it. Did a great job in my kitchen! I'm sold. You know how when you stay up late and things are super funny? Totally me on friday night. I'm helping Joeleene with some scrapping, and i'm making pages of people I don't know..and she doesn't either. And I made a page of funeral pics, and the back said Bob Carlton. Got to know though, I think funeral pictures shouldn't be allowed. Sorry...thats me. We were just laughing so hard...I also made a page for her uncle that died, or so I thought. She gave me all the pics of this kid...I thought was the young man she wanted me to do, and then she says she doesn't know who he is?! I about fell on the floor laughing. Good times. So we staye d up late scrapping, and got up later the next day. Went into downtown Boulder City for the BBQ. What a cute town! I never head past Buchanan, thats the turnoff for the cemetary that mom and dad are at. But I love Boulder City! We all had a great time at the bbq and to follow and then we were off to Boulder Station to see Shrek 4. Excellent by the way! We all put our names into a charity drawing for stars of hope. Lilly won the shirt! Now, the big drawing is on Tues for Outback gift certificate and 4 movie tickets...good luck ladies, hope one of us wins....our odds are good!

Sisters Week

Did you know that it was Sisters Week this last week? Well, according to a text from my cousin it know one of those cute txt or forwarded emails, you keep passing along. Even though i'm an only child...I have lots of sisters!! The following poem, was called friends indeed and there was no author noted. So...i'm renaming it and adding to it, here goes.

Sisters Indeed

A sister is someone to share your whole day with and someone to wish upon a star
A sister is someone to laugh with till your crying
A sister is someone to sing badly and loudly in the car
A sister is someone to share the big tub of popcorn with
A sister is someone to french braid or possibly dye your hair
A sister is someone that is always there for whatever you need
Yes, we're more than friends we're sisters indeed

Love to all my sisters...muwah!! :D

Collin Raye - Love new favorite song. :)

As my friends and I had drove down to Boulder City, Alison shared this song from her ipod..can I just call it a pod for short? ;) I just loved this song, its a little old..but its so great!! And Ali, its not Diamond Rio, or Boy Meets Girl! I just loooove music in the car....and singing loudly(and badly?) in the car...its great fun.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sharing Time- Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Well, one of my Dad's favorite cakes was Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Since I'm heading to the Islands of Hawaii soon..I thought what better recipe to share with y'all (haha) then this recipe. This goes in a crockpot...I must admit, I love crockpots! You really can't mess anything up in a crock, and you can do so much more than stew...ugh. The recipe i'm sharing is a tweaked one I invented myself. But do read Fix It and Forget It that is my crockpot bible, LOL. It is a reduced sugar one, and its lovely.

1 box reduced sugar yellow cake mix
1 Large can sliced pineapple with juice
8-10 maracino cherries
1 pkg Splenda brown Sugar or equivalent to 3/4c regular brown sugar
1/2 c melted margarine or butter

Mix cake mix according to pkg directions, using pineapple juice to make up total liquid. Melt butter and brown sugar, butter the crockpot with mixture. Cut a round of waxed paper and place in bottom of pot, if you want to but I didn't. If you choose to use wax paper butter the paper also. Arrange pineapple slices and cherries in bottom of pot. Add cake mix on top of that. Cover with 3 layers of paper towels and bake on high 2-3 hrs. Check smaller crockpots sooner for doneness. Separate cake from crockpot with a knife around the edges and turn cake onto a platter immediately. Be careful turning the cake on to the plate, turn complety upside down...but please let it cool for 20-30 minutes on off..before you dare to turn over!! Enjoy


There are so many things I can say...but I will keep it simple. My Dad's name is Fred. He was the best Dad a girl could ask for. He liked to tinker or should I say fixing things. He was so talented that way. He taught me to cook, and I know that I got a love of music...particulary in the car from him. My mom was a little bit country, and my Dad was a little bit rock n roll. He loved this song by Janis Joplin. And I love Crystal Bowersox! So...I thought that I would combine the two. The finale of Dancing with the stars, Idol and Biggest Loser are all on tonight, Aye Carumba!!! Why all on the same night?! Ugh...anyway, I love you Dad. Someday when i get a scanner, I'll show a picture.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Super Weekend

I loved doing this, but honestly ...I can't sew worth a didly darn. But you know what? It don't matter. Who ever gets these lovely quilts are not going to care about the stitching, just as long as it gives them comfort. I might need to keep going with this.
Look at you Lilly, go on with your needle! ;)

Aww...look JoJo is learning to quilt :)

Time to work on my quilt!

Super Weekend

The inside had puzzles, words of encouragement,and
other things, very cute. These go to Sunrise Peds
Andrea and Julia Graves with their activity books, aren't they cute?

Hygeine Kits in action

Andrea and Melissa :)

Super Weekend

Lilly and Me with our finished infant kits
I liked this one

Here's mine...I liked the dot pattern, but kind of made it hard,

but it was cute.

So many quilts!!

Super Weekend

Supplies for the hygeine kits
Room with the Hygeine Kits, Sister Lords (stk relief society president) Joeleene and Melissa

We were serving for over two hours on Thursday, just amazing!

Look at all of this!!!!

We're ready for Conference!!!

Super Weekend....

Waffle Conference '10...who knew preparing our lovely breakfast would be difficult, the egg casserole and the waffles turned out fantastic. Although when i was mixing the batter, i confered with Andrea and Alison, it was like stirring marshmallows! It was Deseret pantry mix, but it was all fine in the end, waffles and strawberries....mmm. Dang, should've taken pictures, oh well.
Pizza party before the drive inn adventure

Me and my roomie, Andrea. I need more kitchen chairs I don't think i've had this many over for a long time, I was in a camping chair, like a little kid.

This is for you Joeleene!

Super Weekend......

Joelene, Sister Mariama Kallon (our guest speaker for conference) her
friend, myself and Lilly at the Temple...great day! :)
And by 3 am eating monkey bread (During Biggest Loser)
I decided to write my roomie a note, we were so punchy and laughing so hard..I had to include this note!

During our latenight shopping trip to WallyWorld, Joelene introduced me to monkey bread :).

My living room, prior to delivering the goods. Palmhurst, you are AMAZING!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Dedicated to the girls...I hope you had fun this weekend, love ya!! :)

Making Time.......

So, I have been so incredibly busy this week! There are so many things that I could be or rather, should be doing right now. But, you know what I think. The dishes will still be there, and the laundry...and its ok! Those pesky things don't bother me, LOL. But while thoughts are still here, I thought I would sit, be watching my favorite movies on the tube right now,(August Rush and You've Got Mail) sit down and blog! So I need to continue my update from last week. Last time I reported I was down abt 6 lbs. Well, by day 12 I had lost 10 lbs! I was thrilled. I don't think there has been a time where I have dropped so much so quickly. My clothes are looser...the hunger is better, I'm adjusting. But I know that it does work. Now, this weekend..I did go on hiatus. . I will see the ramifications of that on Monday...oh well. In other news, this is pretty big for me....I pretty much cleared the second bedroom. I even had guests in there this weekend. Imagine that. Miracles do happen, LOL. Honestly for has taken a long time, not because I was lazy and didn't want to, or because I didn't want to embrace the dejunking side. I think what it was is that I needed time...there were my parents things, and yes my mom and dad is throughout the home, but I don't know. Its what I needed, and I shut the door to it. And as time has passed, bit by bit I would work through a little. I can't "declutter" in a day, I would be a frickin' basket case! But looks pretty good, you can walk through there. And yeah, I'm proud!

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

I need to adopt this little girl's attitude!!!! :) I needed to share..... - New Era Article - Learning to Hope - New Era Article - Learning to Hope

Here is the printed article of Sister Mariama Kallon. Its such an inspiring story. So here is the Link. She spoke today at the Sandstone Stake Womens Conference.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Need a good book to read?

I've been wanting to post from Goodreads. I haven't figured that out or posting the picture. I've got blogging issues tonight. But the name of the series is The Hourglass Door and the sequel that I just finished, The Golden Spiral. You can find these at Deseret Book or Amazon. The story is about time travel and a girl falling in love with a boy who is older than he appears "think Twilights Edward". I almost need to reread the first now that I finished the second. But the Golden Spiral deals with time travel and the heroine, Abby rebuilding the door to bring Dante back through. Suspenseful and romantic..quick, nice read. Except it took me three weeks to get through it. But definetly worth reading though.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watch This!

Nienie is inspiring so many people all over the world, including me. I just found her blog. I got to add her to my blog reader. The blog community is really a universe......

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

I'm down 10lbs today....yeah!!! :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

My latest trip to Utah...Womens Conference and a Wedding!

I went elsewhere, I found an exhibit much fun
Allison making a wand.....

Crafty ladies... scattering sunshine, someday hope I can do that!

I love cherry blossoms! In front of Marriott Center.

I'm not sure how to put it all in one post so here goes.....

My latest trip to Utah...Womens Conference, and a Wedding!

Can't you believe the crowd at the Marriot Center?
Spending time with my friends....getting ready to hear a speaker!

Allison and Lilly

Me and Julie Z. Ran into much fun!