Sunday, January 3, 2016

November 2014

November was hard to get through, but it was also good. After Lilly's funeral the following week was Time Out For Women I got to be apart of the Volunteer Staff.  I got my admission for free.. got spiritually fed and most importantly- fulfilled a small dream, I got to work for Deseret Book!!

We did have  a great time... and I lost my car at Cashman, that was hilarious !!  :)

My friend Emily surprised me the week of my Moms anniversary with treats and flowers. I had been having a really hard struggle just pushing through November. I am so thankful for her!!! The bag of happiness :) For Thansgiving I got to go to Denver to see family ☺️

Me and Jody
Paul and Eddie

Penne ala Betsy - the hunt was on for wine..and I was mortified! : O
Love these people.. Aunt Barb is in a nursing home, we got to visit with her!
With an exciting game of Uno!
And a Black Friday trip to Walmart 

And we got visit garden of the gods- how beautiful!!! I don't know how I didn't get a picture of James, Cyndi or Joey - but I think they were sick :( But I am so glad I had a chance to visit.