Sunday, January 11, 2015

July, August and September

So...I'm still in Pediatrics. Although I have moved to three different clinics. I'm stressed out!  I know  that new experiences  contain trials. And I'm grateful to have a job! I do enjoy it even though. I get stressed. Keep Calm Carry On, right? No big adventures... But here's some background to my photos. Finding Joy in the Journey...

Went to see some fireworks...


Fortunately the clouds and rain paused enough to let the show go on!! Hooray��

I participated in a walk for a good cause with my coworkers

Lots of fun for a good cause!
Also participated in a flu shot clinic


My friend Maria invited me to come to my second concert this summer- NKOTB!!!!

Dreams do come true!!! I was a New Kid fanatic as a teen, I never saw their show. It was awesome! ��
I think the concert hall was filled with more 30 ish people ....but I saw some people in their 50's..what?!!

Then came August...

Sonja came down and we got to visit!

Finally Made it to Tule Springs!! Last time I had been.... eight!

We had rain . And after rain comes Rainbows. And I think of hope with Rainbows ❤️

Got invited to a water park  Cowabunga Bay- last time I went- umm??? High School? It was fun...but
Getting Old Sucks!!! And Sunburns? They totally suck! When I do something, I do it good.

Then September...
Remembered my Moms birthday

And... It's canning time!!!

This was my friends box- I had help this year!! Well see the green lid jars? That was freezer jam.. Not processed.. Forgot to put in the freezer!! Ugh!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Sometimes it is so hard to keep up my blog. But, I do see my blog as my vent and my free therapy. I have a goal. To finish enough posts for the second volume of As My World Turns. The sub title is Finding Joy in My Journey. And I have had a real struggle in finding joy. I'm hanging in there. But it's just how it is. June started with me finishing my training in Pediatrics. It's totally new and scary to me, but as finding Nemo says...

That is one of my favorite sayings currently. I just started at a new location for my job , I'm on the move. It was during this time I heard devastating news. My friend Theresa's son Sam had passed away at 14. It's been such a shock and so heartbreaking, which also followed tragic news in our community of two police officers who were killed in the line of duty.


Gone much too soon. Love you Sam.

In between this, I did do something fun. I finally saw Billy Joel in concert!! That has been on my list for like forever!

First time I went to a concert by myself, and you know what? It was awesome.

A week later my Uncle Dean passed away

Everybody wants happiness. Nobody wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

As hard as it was to say goodbye to someone, so soon again. It was a good experience. Perhaps even a miraculous occasion. I spent the family luncheon afterwards with a family member that I haven't spoken to since Mom passed. It could have gone so many different ways. But I definitely felt Heavenly Fathers hand in this.

This was played at my friend Jessica's funeral a couple years ago. I'm holding on to this song. It helps.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Its been six months since I've made a post. It's been a rough six months.. But I've made it. I'll save that for another day. But I crossed something off my bucket list. I went to my first lantern lighting

I'm not writing much tonight. Except the lantern lighting was a life changing, magical experience. I'm living life. And life is good.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Easter Sunday

The weekend before I started my new job was Easter. I went up to St George for the weekend to visit Monica and her family ! It was fun to just get away for a day or two.

I did a few things...
Like hold a snake for the first time, ever! ( Holy. Crap.)

And so did Austin...

Tatiana made us dessert, what a pretty cake huh?

Supervising the massive egg decorating!

Love this girl!!!

It was so good to see family . We didn't do a whole lot and we didn't have to. Just spending time together was enough. And I was a little nervous for Monday! Another thing I decided to do was as I drive home I decided I wanted to visit the cemetery in boulder city, to visit mom and dad. I decided to cut through Logandale on a "backroad" - I stopped at Wally's for directions and gas, and who do I run into? My cousins in Logandale..funny is an understatement. So after our chat at the gas pump I went on my adventure..
 And I was terrified! My biggest fear is driving on a desolate road by myself, with no one around. Scary! The funny thing was there were cars around me ahead of me... One by one they turned around and went the opposite direction. They were scared too I think because there was no signs at all. I had food water, my phone and medication ... So I initially thought I will be just fine. I can say that it was a pretty, but long ride. It landed me on Lake Mead Parkway by Lake Las Vegas , which was good. But what an adventure!