Monday, July 14, 2014

Easter Sunday

The weekend before I started my new job was Easter. I went up to St George for the weekend to visit Monica and her family ! It was fun to just get away for a day or two.

I did a few things...
Like hold a snake for the first time, ever! ( Holy. Crap.)

And so did Austin...

Tatiana made us dessert, what a pretty cake huh?

Supervising the massive egg decorating!

Love this girl!!!

It was so good to see family . We didn't do a whole lot and we didn't have to. Just spending time together was enough. And I was a little nervous for Monday! Another thing I decided to do was as I drive home I decided I wanted to visit the cemetery in boulder city, to visit mom and dad. I decided to cut through Logandale on a "backroad" - I stopped at Wally's for directions and gas, and who do I run into? My cousins in Logandale..funny is an understatement. So after our chat at the gas pump I went on my adventure..
 And I was terrified! My biggest fear is driving on a desolate road by myself, with no one around. Scary! The funny thing was there were cars around me ahead of me... One by one they turned around and went the opposite direction. They were scared too I think because there was no signs at all. I had food water, my phone and medication ... So I initially thought I will be just fine. I can say that it was a pretty, but long ride. It landed me on Lake Mead Parkway by Lake Las Vegas , which was good. But what an adventure!