Monday, March 31, 2014

Quiche Anyone?

So I'm invited next Saturday to a potluck brunch at the home of the Leflers . This has been a tradition followed up with Ladies Night that evening ☺️ We have done something for at least five years, and I love it. I love General Conference! It's time to receive counsel from Our Prophet and Apostles. We get to hear representatives of our Lord and Savior and I personally can't wait. Time to fill my lamp! You can go to next Saturday and Sunday and watch too. 

So I decided to make a quiche for the brunch. I love to eat quiche. But I've never made a from scratch quiche-mine usually come fromCostco or somewhere and they are pretty tasty. But I found a fairly easy recipe on Pinterest. With my own modifications.. Here we go. I am not a baker. At all. I won some Pampered Chef products  about 8 yrs ago. In it I got a beautiful cranberry stoneware pie plate. I've used it about 5 times or so.. And I've made things in it but not pie related! So here goes nothing.

Spinach Bacon Quiche- for the freezer


1 Pillsbury Pie Crust unrolled into pie plate (if you make awesome pie crust use yours!) unbaked
1 bag of frozen spinach thawed and drained, I sautéed w/ onion in bacon grease
1/2 pkg bacon cooked (about 5 or 6 pieces, or add a little more if you want) and crumbled
1/2 sweet onion thinly sliced cooked in bacon grease
6 eggs beaten with 1 c heavy whipping cream
1 1/2- 2 cups shredded Swiss Cheese mixed with 4 tsp flour
Dash of dry mustard
1-2 tsp of house seasoning or salt and pepper

*House Seasoing is a blend of Kosher Salt, Black Pepper and Garlic Powder*
Ratio 1 c Kosher Salt 1/4 c Black Pepper and 1/4c Garlic Powder. Store in container or quart size Baggie lasts 6 months .

Mix shredded cheese  with flour. Spray pie plate with Pam place unrolled pie crust into pie plate and pinch or flute edges. Spread a generous layer of cheese. Next layer the bacon pieces, spinach and onions. ( If onions aren't your thing leave em out) .

Next beat eggs with cream, house seasoning and dash of mustard powder . Beat well. Pour into crust and top with more cheese. To prepare for freezing, cover pie plate with plastic first and then foil. Place in freezer. When ready to bake simply pull out and bake on 400 for about an hour.                         *Again new to this, I will post my results*

Sunday, March 30, 2014


March has zoomed by!! I've been getting my resume ready and sending applications out.! So scary! Last time I actually filled out an app was in 1999!! Crazy Crazy!! Filled with a lot of incertainty, fear, anxiety with a dash of doubt. But I'm holding as hard as I can. Things can't get any worse. And I've had a lot of blessings. So I will go with that. I will say though that I have been served a super sized portion of humble pie. :) Anyway Joeleene and Jacob's Wedding was March 15. So happy for them!!!

I got to the chapel long enough to dress up the bride...

The night before I arranged a family dinner at Macayos... It was so great to see so many there!

It was a girls night out... But not too late.

Did I say how much I love Macayos?? ❤️

Next after we divided the monster bill, I took the girls to Bellagio for a walk around the Conservatory

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Leftler!!

As you can see.. I haven't figured out how to crop people out yet, LOL.

Joeleene's family- left to right- Michael, Jeneatte, bride&groom, Jimmy and Roxanne
Picture with the Moms ☺️
Leftler Family , picture of the guy is a cousin serving in the military.

Kami and Joelenne

So Happy for one of my bestfriends. Congratulations Joeleene and Jacob ❤️


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Ahhh.. February. Well... Not gonna lie. It sucked.
But first, we had the Sochi Olympics

I think that this was the best part of the Olympics. It was fun to watch. I want to put ride The Transiberian Railway on my bucket list.

And then Facebook made everyone a Video of favorite posts and pictures.. Here's what I got.

It sounds so petty, but this bothered me. Everyone and their brother got a video made but not me! It felt like school all over again. So I disconnected my Facebook ...

Yeah big protest. I think I lasted 3 days!! No willpower at all. Zero. But on the bright side , it pays to whine.  ;) I also had me some bronchitis 😷

But it was a good thing to reconnect, I would need it.
I can't say that I didn't see this coming, but it hurts just the same. But as I wrote advice to me, I will take it. Believe in myself and what my future can bring.. I got a great piece of advice from a church leader, basically as bad as I think things are right now.. Heavenly Father put this plan in front of me for a reason. I need to spread my wings and fly.  And remember these words.

One of my favorite bands is Fun, there song Carry On is my current anthem. I'll try to post a clip , but here are some lyrics


Friday, March 28, 2014


January was a fast moving month..
My birthday went fast too.. Had lunch with Jo Jo and Ali at Firefly ☺️

We ate and ate and ate... Not to mention I got some cupcakes from Retro Bakery. Amazing!
I got some lovely gifts...
In case your wondering... I got Nice Lady perfume hahahaha!!!

Later that night went with Theresa to see Saving Mr Banks. Great Movie! Then I went in to work after 1am .  Technically not my birthday.

Later in January I was nominated for the first time for the Star of the Month! Truly honored.. And I got free movie tickets!!
Then I helped plan a bridal shower..

The shower was a success! Everyone had fun and our games pretty much went without a hitch! Joeleene enjoyed herself.... Let the countdown begin!

Happy January 2014 Tournament of Roses 🌹

I helped my friend cross an item off her bucket list...
Going back to the Tournament of Roses People!! 

The first time I went was back in 1997...

Nineteen years old and my future wide open in front of me. My Dad would be gone in four months.. And my life would change. What advice would I give to 19 yr old me? First I would say that life wasn't going to be fair.. It's tough. And your tough too! Don't give up.. Believe what you know to be true. Have faith! Not only for things to come but in yourself. Most importantly, don't ever let someone tell you that you can't do it, because you can ❤️

We left early in the morning of New Years Eve Day... I think the same couple ran the same tour I was on "Seniors Trip"

We got to Pasadena  that afternoon and we got ready for our dinner cruise. I was so much fun, we got to see the million dollar homes lit up in the harbor, I love the ocean!! And met some friendly people too ☺️
My Facebook that night reads " Happy New Year!!! Have to turn in early-have a parade to get to. Much love and blessings to all ❤️"

Rise and Shine! "Let's go to a Parade!"

For time purposes, I lumped my best pictures from the parade and after when we got to walk Tournament Park, I hope that was what it was called...I'm really glad I layered it was unusually warm!!

Remember... Dreams Do Come True!

It was so much fun to walk around after!! We were at the end of the parade rout sitting among the proud families of the high school kids that traveled far to come! Unfortunately one of the seniors had got heat exhaustion and had to be hospitalized.. Our tour guides were so kind to go to the hospital to make sure they had all the belongings and food to eat. We all were tired!! But we had a great time!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


My latest Flipagram...

I haven't blogged in awhile- lots to catch up. Tomorrow is another day! I'm digging Flipagram... And my song choice is fitting. I have had some Lemonade served to me lately . But as bumpy ,topsy -turvy life can be... It's all good ☺️ Just click on My Latest Flipagram!