Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Help....And The Sushi Virgin.

Happy Friday to me!!!  My movie is finally out and i'm gonna go see it....

This movie is based from the best selling book. Its become a habit of mine to read the book first before the movie comes out so that I can compare the two. I thought this movie was excellent. They did such an awesome job.  Its definetly worth seeing. The Help is a story about a single college girl who grows up in Mississippi durrin the Civil Rights era. She graduates from Ole Miss and wants to become an author, but instead is writing a housecleaning column for the local paper. On the side, she is trying to get a book deal with Harper Row in New York. The publisher encourages her to write a story based on the housekeepers of  the families of Mississippi. It is seriously sooo good. You will will cry, and you mighte even see this again. Because I will!  :) I met up with some friends to see this movie, and because it was opening weekend I heard alot of feedback from people. People I like to refer to as the "book snobs". Of course, I love to read too. But I honestly don't remember anything being left out, I hope I hear some Oscar buzz next year.

After the movie, I tried a first for me....
Oh yes I did!

So what were the thoughts from the Sushi Virgin?    Can I call myself that if my version of sushi was from my local Trader Joe's California Roll? Not bad.  Do I absolutel love it?? Umm no, sorry. But it certainly wasn't as bad as I thought. Its all in the mind, and in fact the sushi I ate was cooked!     One was even fried, don't remember the names, except for the Vegas roll. If you don't think about it and pop it in your mouth, you can do it. The textures still freak me out. But one more thing crossed off my list!!  *woot-woot*                                                                  

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