Sunday, April 27, 2014

My last week at work :(

 After months of anticipating, it's finally here . In a few days I'll start a new chapter in my life. I've been so sick about the uncertainty of it all... I had a job application floating out there somewhere, but I haven't heard anything yet so I was making my final preparations. But a lot of time spent praying for guidance, and somehow I know I will be ok . It's called having and practicing faith. And it's hard to practice that when you basically feel shattered. But you know what? You pick it up piece by piece and take a deep breath and start over. Because you can and will do this! So here are a few pictures because I wanted some pictures with my friends :)

The last week it slowed done a whole lot! But they let me work after all.. I like to say because I'm a cheap. ;) Whatever . As long as I get paid ! This is part of my hallway.

This week even though it's sad...I got good news. I finally got the job!!!  :D

Truer words were never sung !

Private joke. Tell you about that in a bit. But this is my Susie's last night. She is retiring. I helped her get her CNA job in maternity when I needed to cut my hours back for nursing school . She's such a good person. I'll miss working with her- but we will keep in touch. Miss you Susie Q!

Our last Monday we had one patient.. So what do we do after our one patient is settled?
Sssh!! Where's our popcorn? ;)

Our time had finally come. My last day was Thursday morning. As sad as I was, I really didn't cry too much. Maybe because I'm looking forward of things to come. Here's my post from Facebook -

"Reflecting today. 75,000 babies born... Thousands of patients taken care of during my 15 yrs here. I wish we could pack up and work somewhere together, but that's not how it goes.  I can truly say that I will miss my Valley family. I grew from a CNA to an LPN with a lot of laughs and bumps along the way. Thank You for your example. You have shaped me into the nurse that I am today. We have shared joys and sorrows... and you will always hold a special place in my heart. Best Wishes! "
Last, but not least..

Our goodbye party at Millers Ale House ...So back to the private joke. During one of our nightshift after it was announced we were closing, we started talking about the cuts that would need to be made .. The luxuries from our lives. Lori couldn't afford tide.. Barb couldn't afford Charmin.. And I couldn't afford albacore tuna... Cause I'm a tuna snob, LOL. Kinda disappointed I didn't get tuna, LOL!

And then came Friday. This is for real now. Time to turn in the badge and pick up my last check 😔

Our first breakfast at Omlet House...Start of new traditions ☺️

I'm ending this on a happy note. I will for sure keep track of you. And it was a honor to work with you!! I'll miss my night crew... I even dedicated a song to you.. One we know very well, played at 2200. 0200. 0600. "It Michael!!" 
 Forever MJ!!! LOL I will always think of my night crew when I hear Billie Jean ;)

And.... Last but not least

I'm official now!! Woot-Woot!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The final countdown

"Why can't we get all the people together in the world we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. I hate goodbyes. I know what I need. I need more Hellos." - Charles M. Schulz

Only a few of my pics, thanks to the magic of Facebook. I'm not saying goodbye yet, I have a few more days to go... I wish we could all pack up and work somewhere together, but that's not how it goes. I can truly say I will miss my Valley family. I grew from a CNA to LPN with lots of laughs and bumps along the way. You helped me shape into the nurse that I am. I have shared Joys and Sorrows. I sometimes felt I spent more time here then anywhere else. Off to new adventures, You will always hold a special place in my heart.