Sunday, December 8, 2013

My newest YouTube Sensation

One night I was video surfing You Tube and I stumbled onto this gem. It's long but it's one one the best ways to waste 14 minutes. That's at least two rounds of Candy Crush people! ( I won't go  there, LOL) Anyway it features Tom Fletcher, who is the groom and he is terrified to speak but he can sing in front of thousands, so he geniously matched his band songs from the UK group McFly and rewrote the songs to fit this speech. It's my favorite thing right now ☺️ Now, I just need some McFly music all things London !! *swoon* I'll post the link up for you to watch, unfortunate problem blogging mobile. 
If I ever get the chance to Marry... The bar has been set ☺️ Watch it!! You 

November Stuff.

November wizzed by!

It's that time of year again. Time to keep busy during the holidays. It's exhausting, but it helps. ❤️ My friends! We cranked out 10 pumpkin roll logs, took over six hours- started to wonder if I over worked the oven. And my quote of the night "As long as it tastes good, right?" These were given to friends and neighbors.

Kitchen is a disaster- and it's ok.

Then that weekend following pumpkin chaos we had Early Thanksgiving dinner with Lilly, Becky , Diego Allie , Joeleene and Jake. It was fun to do! Besides I wanted turkey! Never mind this was the first week of November.

I even decorated the house for Christmas early, crazy!

Braved the cold rain and went to the premiere of Catching Fire😊 I loved it!!! So good- I need to see it again!
Most importantly... Remembered My Mom ❤️

The day of moms anniversary, Theresa gave me a precious gift, a boxed set of Sound of Music- one of our favorite movies ❤️

Monday, November 25, 2013

This is Only a test.... - I hope this works, and happy Monday!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween with the Mouse

 For the first time this year I'm going to Disneyland at Halloween! Joelenne went this time and she hasn't been there for almost 20 yrs!! I'll add some story later- for now enjoy my pics!

We're goin' back to Cali.....

Bucket list... Check !

Halloween treats at Downtown Disney- yumm!

Oh . My. Gosh. What was I thinking?! LOL

Our first ride.. Teacups!! But the older I get... A little dizzy lizzy I turn into!
At first the Haunted Mansion was closed, so we went to Pirates of the Carribean-which malfunctioned while we were on it. Imagine being in the tunnel and listening to he same scene for an hour. Yikes! 
By far, my favorite attraction at California!
Love this shot!

Tower of Terror.... CHEESE!!!!

I love my shirt from Nightmare Before Christmas, now I need to watch!! My hair was behaving badly 😉

I really wished that I could upload this video- we were waiting for the train and I popped the quarter into the self play piano. It played Phantom of the Opera ❤️

Me and Joelenne had such a fun time! Pirates, Haunted Mansion Captain EO, Star Tours, Finding Nemo, jungle cruise, Indy, Matterhorn...and the Tiki Room!! The lines were horrible!! Just expect it....trying on our ears!

California Dreamin'

It was probably Joelenne's last trip!!! She's getting married in the spring. Last single trip for her!!

Last minute addition! In December , guess what?! Found my photo pass card! Merry Christmas to me, found it after like two months, oh boy ! Story of my life 😉

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all :)

Hi ya! Before October comes to a close... Let me blah blah blah, bloggity blog!
I hit a plateau in my blogginess, yeah I know that's not a word! Not blogging from an actual computer is tougher than I thought it would be. That's why I took a pause. I love fall. Fall means cooler weather, changing colors-well not where I live...Pumpkins,  Smelling Cinnamon Pinecones in the grocery store..

And seeing Christmas decorations ?! Yikes.
And... Conferences!! General Conference, Stake Conference... Time Out for women. I love hearing from our leaders! So let me roll to beginning Sept/ end of August

Met a new baby... This is my friend Crystal's son Ayden. So cute!

Fine tuned some new skills...
50lbs of peaches people, 50! Not all for me... I would d up canning my friends box , peaches ripened faster than we thought. Holy Moly. My submission for friend of the year :)
Love the color here..

And then came tomatoes... And some apples
I'm proud of my shelf.  :) But if your envious of the oatmeal - I'll share . Cause it's the right using to do...and cause I'm not a fan of oatmeal.
I saw the movie Austenland with Christene.. Great movie and book, along with Blackmoore.
Go read both now. Seriously. You will thank me.

I loved these memes.. One of my favorite quotes from conference- "Rise and Walk. HIS grace is sufficient. And you will not walk alone." - Timothy Dyches

Loot from Ladies Night- I won again!! The 17 miracles CD- the one on top is amazing, and im looking forward to trying to tackle that big book :)

And lastly, a quote from my fb. "Hot Water back in my house. Happy Friday!" The hot weather went out after 16 yrs!! Thank goodness only a slow leak and not a massive flood. All is well. 

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tender Mercies

Today is September 11th.

I have to share my own personal Tender Mercy that happened today. I really wasn't thinking too much about today. I mean, of course you stop and reflect, but not only because of tragedy. September 11th is also my parents anniversary . So today, as I went into my patient's room to help her get up, it was near 540 am/840 am est. At 847 am was the first strike. She told me her personal connection with 9/11. We both barely passed French class, and she was the student of the French teacher, Barbara Edwards, who was on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. And also, her aunt was working in the World Trade Center . In the twelve years since that awful day, I have never met anyone with a personal connection before. And as we were talking about this the time approached. It was special. Also as we finished she was flipping through the tv and she was so happy a certain tv station was on with her favorite tv programs- In the heat of the night, and Walker, Texas Ranger.  Silly, I know but my heart warmed.. knowing those were my mom's shows :). So that's all. It's one of the many reasons I love to blog, for moments like these.

Happy Anniversary-42 years. Love and Miss you both, everyday.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Finishing up August

So for the last week August, it ends with a bang! For my Friday, it starts with an afternoon trip to Costco. I can't believe what I saw?! No Freaking Way!
Yes. Christmas decorations just in time for September. Now where is the Christmas music? And yes I wished the cash register Happy Holidays, probably the first. You can't be too early.  ;)

After a mini trip to wholefoods and I was all set. I've discovered a love for dark chocolate w/sea salt and carmel. At wholefoods it was called salty dog or wet dog, LOL. But trust me, it's good!

I think Facebook is like gradeschool! For instance, seeing in my newsfeed mutual friends attending a party by another mutual friend... and then seeing- You Are Not Invited. Nice. Sigh. Not that fish taco night was going to be my social event of the week, it's not. But it would have been nice to see friends I haven't seen in awhile! Pssh. Oh well.. I made my own fish tacos ( I think they're better anyway) From Our Best Bites.. and since we're friends, I'll share the recipe- it's so good!!
No Cilantro Ranch, but Guacamole, heavenly- and here's a tip if you are scared to fry fish. Try the frozen beer battered fish and bake to instructions. Easy Peasy.

So after my fish taco dinner, I drowned my sorrows in Dirty Diet Coke and read a book listening to the rain.. it was great. The book is called A Way Back to You. Read it! Don't feel sorry for me...
Think Peggy Sue Got Married- Great Book!

Saturday was Diego's Baptism and Alison's brothers wedding reception- I love how creative it is! A candy store/ ice cream cart!! And a photobooth! I was at Target that afternoon trying to shop for a $20 budget wedding gift, and then I saw the registry. The bride and groom asked for an iPad!!

I thought this was good. Love PW.
I bought the bag and no tissue. So... I improvised with a thought in plan ; )
I'm here to make wishes come true. LOL!

Is that not awesome?!
Time to get loot :)

Congrats to the Bride and Groom! Hope they are not too mad :)

Getting eaten by shadows. With Theresa at BP! Friends 22 years and counting.

And... Brad Paisley!!!! Yee Haw! ; ). It was an awesome concert! I was up in those rafters again, but Brad was cool. He came to the back where we were and sang to us!!! The poor folk, LOL.

So as you can see.. Cinderella wasn't invited to fish taco night , but she had a ball . :p