Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Day....Disneyland California.

Time to head to Disneyland California! They redid the entrance. It reminds of the front of the rollerskating club in the movie XANADU. If you've never heard of it, I encourage you to watch. It has Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton- John. Its great!

This is Paradise Pier...the one ride I rode the last time I was at California, was the Ferris Wheel. And we got stuck, LOL.
                                                                      Over here is Ariel's Grotto. Where we are headed to dinner.  Its got a beautiful view...and we get preferred seating for The Wonderful World of Color show. I am SO excited to see this!!

The new Little Mermaid attraction. Here's hoping we get to see it.

Since we didn't do Dumbo. We did this rocket ride, I forget the name. Kinda Dumboseque? Lilly was nervous abt how fast 15 mph was. And I said " Well. I at least go 30 down your street. You can do it." So we got on and spun around again, it was a breezy ride. But something happened to me when I got off...
The dinner reservation was around 630 and we got there abt 15 minutes early. I didn't think we could get back to our reservation on time if we tried to go on a ride. So we waitied inside. When I sat down inside, I swear I felt like I was on a boat...just rocking back and forth. Funny thing was, it wasn't on water, LOL. So I closed my eyes and rested till we were called, and I think I know what happened. I don't think I took my medication in our rush to get out of the rm. So I decided to take it.

The lights were jellyfish.

The meal came in three courses. One of the best meals I ever had at Disneyland. So much fun. The first plate on top was antipasto...olives, artichokes, peppers...second plate was heirloom tomatoes and pears and cheese, and a salad at the bottom.  Lilly went for the salad, I was more adventerous. It was so good!

Seriously....how do they make these? Talent!
Dumbo! In white chocolate.

Dinner was an experience for all the senses. So worth it! By the time it was done, we had to go in line for the show. With the amount of people there unfortunately did leave time for alot of things to do at California...we trudged through Disneyland mostly.

My pictures didn't turn out that well. But here's one I got from the internet.
The show was amazing. It is so worth it. Just stunning. I want you to experience...so enjoy this download from Youtube. Its around ten minutes. I sat by some local people. The one girl loved it so much, she wrote her thesis around this production. Its amazing!

And we did make it to Little Mermaid after...

It was so cute. Afterward the park closed and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE headed back to Disneyland. Unfortunately so did we because I had to get our belongings out of the locker we decided to go back to the room because the bus was picking us up at 8. Early day. So I tried to leave the park through downtown disney back to where the cab pickups were and I didn't even make it pass security...meanwhile it got a little chilly and lilly was freezing! So after I pleaded with management and had to almost promise Disneyland my first unborn child I was able to wheel down through Downtown Disney back to the cabs, its about a mile I think. Anyway pleaded with Korean cab driver to let her sit in the cab.  Got her in...and walked the wheelchair back to the maingate. And walked back again. I was so done. Then when I came back I saw lilly almost sitting on the curb, to find out he kicked her out of the cab because apparently I took to long? SERIOSLY?!  What a jerk! Lilly was put in a minivan and apparently he wanted the fair with the larger party and told her to go, but not before asking for five dollars first. Classless. Thats all i'm going to say. We got in another cab and left.  But it was a fun time for the most part!

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