Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day two continued..

Phew! Last time on As My World Turns, you got to read a way too long post! I admit, I got carried away with my camera. But it was fun. So, after we waited over an hour in the Finding Nemo ride, which by the way was so cute....anyway, we went  here for dinner.

My Mom and I stayed here once, for one night. :)
 I love this picture. In the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel, They had this huge mural.  It  was like this giant shadow box and had all Disney memoriabilia back to when the park opened. In the end... its all about the mouse.
                                           Here's the restaurant.
                                                                     Food was good, atmosphere was fun...and now we're heading back room  
           for a little siesta, i'm beat! A little pool time... Later, we were back in the park.
         We were back in the park and stopped in the Disney Gallery.
                           Do you recognize this?

  The exibit was a tribute to Mary Blair, who was one of the first women illustrators  for Walt Disney.

      Cinderella's dream team...she's  my favorite. I often feel like her...pre Prince Charming.  ;)
 It was fun to mill around the art gallery, it makes me appreciate my old favorite even more...
      I am thankful for cropping. Very much! Love this pic.

  "The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed."


We did ride the train...alot. It was a good way to get around. And I love it still!

And..this here is the Lilly Belle. :)  I tell you, I learn something new everyday. Didn't know she existed. You can ride her only early in the morning...its a private car.
This is the interior....OH. MY. GOSH! That is pretty much it for this day, tons of people lots of fun.

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