Sunday, June 27, 2010

ELVIS IN HAWAII..aka..This is the moment

Wow...I can't believe I'm home already! I have so many pictures to share and stories to tell. I just wanted to tease you a bit with this. Nancy, this is for you "This is the moment...." We teased Nancy a bit everyday with this song, ke a e amo ? Yeah, well my hawaiian not so good. All I have to say tonight, is that it definetly was a trip of a lifetime! The whole atmosphere in hawaii is so casual or chill I should say? There is a strong value of family, which in hawaiian is ohana. Just beautiful. But I will try to update more tomorrow...i'm still on hawaii time! Aloha, Love Cindy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some Pre Pics of Hawaii - Eo Mai - Keali'i Reichel- ALOHA!

WOW! I can't believe in seven days I will be in the islands of Hawaii?!! I've been waiting so long, I can't believe the time is finally here. I am so excited and frazzled thinking about all the trip plans. I know I will have a great time. But, sometimes I feel a litlle tender-hearted. Just like with every major thing in life, whether it be a major change in life, a major holiday...I wish my parents were with me. My Dad had been in the NAVY and always had said he wanted to take us there, see Pearl Harbor , etc.. I thought long ago that someday that me and my mom would visit. But, I know that they are with me in spirit. And as the title reads in my blog, finding joy in my journey...thats what I am setting out to do, finding the joy . It doesn't neccesarily need to be in Hawaii, but its been a dream to go and I'm so happy I get the chance. I had a moment today of all places, shopping at an outlet mall. I haven't done this in a long time. I was just there to find some good walking shoes, since I've about worn out my current ones. I found the shoes relatively easily. And as I was strolling through the outlet, I found a store that was a favorite of my mom's (and mine) Harry and David. I have not really set foot in that store since she has been gone, I know silly right? I only lasted inside the store for not even a couple of minutes, and I had to leave. I don't know if it was it reminded me of something, nothing but good times there. I don't know...just left me tender, is the only thing I can say. A lot of people won't understand what I'm trying to say, and thats ok. This is for me to vent. I think that sometimes there are things that I observe, and experience sometimes I feel like Oh got to tell mom about this, or Dad needs to hear about that. Anyway, thats all for now, I'm doing good... =) ALOHA!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Turning 50! Fifty things about me :)

You're probably wondering...what the heck am I talking about? Well technically, this is my 50th blog post. Wow. Imagine that? I am kinda liking this blogging thing. In honor of my 50th post I'm posting a note I wrote on Facebook. Its modified, but you will get an inside look of me. Hope you enjoy!

1. I was born in Las Vegas
2. I've never left Las Vegas
3. It annoys me when people can't pronnounce Nevada right. NE-VAA-DUH, not NE-VAH-DUH!
4. I stood on top of the World Trade Center, but have yet to see the Grand Canyon
5. I remember the smaller Las Vegas, and on my birth certificate I was born outside of city limits and I was a Sunrise baby!
6. I love rain and some snow, I almost got trapped in a flash flood.
7. I drove through a blizzard, at the end of April?!
8. I tend to break bones on the right side of my body. R arm when I was 5, R foot when 17 at EFY.
9. I drove through my house.
10. I've set the stove on fire, by accident. Thank goodness for Best Buy Clearance! Cuz Mom made me buy a new stove.
11. I've worked in the mall and lived to tell about it.
12. I'm still not sure what is in a Orange Julius, but i have an idea...
13. I've been on a Church History Trip,but I haven't seen the new Nauvoo Temple yet. Someday though.
14. I've been to the Hill Cumorah Pageant, and Manti Pageant.
15. I took care of a senator who helped me to cut a big hospital bill in half.
16. I don't think there is anyone that you have met that you weren't supposed to.
17. I won a $5000 shopping spree at Meadows Mall
18. I got filmed for a Church Education commercial for institute only to be edited out...I'm still nursing my wounds.
19. I've been in a earthquake here in Vegas, on the top floor of a hospital..I was trying to calm coworkers and patients, that we weren't going to die.
20. I love to read, and I didn't think I would pick up another book after nursing school.
21. I never live my life by a schedule...its not fun.
22. I have parasailed in Mexico.
23. I love to help people...guess that is one thing that makes a good nurse!
24. I love dogs
25. I love grass, and i'm not a fan of desrt landscape...:(
The remaining 25 will be coming soon to a blog post near you....

I SO Can't Wait For This Movie!!!!! :)

Twilight Disorder | Twilight News » Just Released! New ‘Eclipse’ Clip!!

PS...You're Welcome!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Too Good Not To Put in The Blog

One of the things that is fun about having a blog, whenever a story comes along...whether I was involved or its just one I want to share, guess what people? Its going in!! Now the following story does in fact, involve me. I am not bitter, I may have a sarcastic sense of humor..and might I add its good to have a sense of humor. I may have taken the following badly, but im not hahaha. Here goes. I was sitting in Relief Society next to "Sister J". I've known Sister J a long time, many moons ago when I was all of 19, we taught Sunbeams together. Sweet Lady. Well, the President of Relief Society was wrapping up her lesson, we sang the closing hymn. After the prayer, she says to me "Cindy, do you go to the singles ward after our block? Why don't you go there?" PS people.. she hadn't said hello during the whole block time. Now, back to the story. So, I said to her...Well Sister, I was a member of the Willow Springs Ward. And then I said, "I moved back into the ward because I'm past the age." With a smile on my face. Then Sister J replied...are you ready for this? "Oh, I didn't realize you were that OLD! You don't look it....carry on." To which I replied, through gritted teeth...that is just so sweet. Yup, thank goodness I've been drinking from the fountain of youth then. Thank you dear sister, I will carry on. ;) Be careful what you say....I may write about you!

Black Eyed Peas I got a feeling on Oprah Chicago Flashmob 24th

Hehehe... I was in the store tonight, gathering the ingredients for the Texas Caviar, recipe to follow. I kept saying outloud "now where are those black-eyed peas...followed by 'I gotta feeling, woo-hoo' in honor of the blackeyed peas I'm sharing again. :) p.s. Case your wondering, I was not in the store alone!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daniel Powter-Bad Day (lyrics): aka Nurse Rants :)

I love blogging, I can spurt off and no one will care. I did have a way bad day last night, but in the end it was good. It just seemed like it would never stop...I wasn't on time for ANYTHING! Definetly didn't feel like nurse of the year. But you know what? I connected with my patients and I got compliments :). It was one of those nights I wish that I could pick up the phone and get the moral support from my mom. But, instance by instance I got it for myself. Like when I talked to a doctor...that was actually very pleasant to talk to...miracles do happen. I was lucky to drink and go to the bathroom, but I never took a break. I got out late this morning, but I left feeling good at what I'd done.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Girl Playing Taps

A friend shared this on facebook. And I will share with you. Day late, but it don't matter. Thank You Vetrans for all you do. I hope you all had a great Memorial Day! <3