Monday, September 28, 2009

Come on Get Happy! :)

I have discovered something. I have rediscovered, I love to laugh. When my mom was ill and after she passed I didn't laugh very much at all. But in the two years since, I have discovered I like laughing. Sometimes, too much. Case in point, this last weekend. So I get invited to a potluck dinner party at a friends house. She mentioned there might be 20 or so people there. So I was excited to meet new people and have fun. When we got there there were 7 of us, my friends made up 3. There was one guy there that a friend of hers brought over. So we come in the door, and right away she tells us to sit on the couch that so and so was going to give a presentation. I hadn't ate all day, I was thinking seriously. Then it got better...he pulls out this huge box, I'm thinking its amway and its sanitary napkins. Seriously, no joke. And I really wasn't upset, but embarrased. It was his first demonstration, and my first time ever seeing something like this. Seriously, do people really buy pads in bulk, like 200 for $90? It took all of me not to laugh. But oh my heck that was funny. Then Saturday I wake up early in the morning to a mexican at my door speaking spanish, and i'm like excuse me? Then he starts dancing around like he has a lawnmower. As I said before....finding joy in the journey!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More of my sharing time!

Here is the other two recipes. I hope they fit. The first is Nacho Dip in a crockpot..can I just say how much I love crockpots?

Nacho Dip

1 lb hamburger mixed a pkg of taco seasoning, cooked and drained.
2lb block of velveeta chese cubed
16 oz jar of salsa, I like herdez, you can pick the hotness
1 tbsp worchestshire, green onions, olives
Corn chips

Combine the above ingredients except for the green onions into crockpot. Add green onions just before serving. Cook on high for 1 hr stirring occasionally. And that's it. Serve immediately or put on low for up to 6 hrs.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sharing Time

I have got to say, this blogging thing is addictive. I can guarantee I won't do this every day, but this week it sure seems like it. But I didn't know what the rest of my week is like so I'm sharing these with you now. Here are a few recipes that I will be making this weekend for a party, and they are so good..but they are easy to make. I'm all about a shortcut. The first is a peach crisp recipe from Betty Crocker, thanks to Darcy for posting on Facebook!

Peach Crisp

1 pouch Betty Crocker oatmeal cookie mix
1/2 c cold butter
5 c frozen sliced peaches thawed and drained or 1 can 20 oz peaches, or be like me and buy peach pie filling and mix in a few fresh peaches cut up!

Heat oven to 375. In lg bowl, combine cookie mix and cut in butter using fork or pastry blender. Mix until crumbly. Next, pour peaches into ungreased 8x8 square dish. Sprinkle crumbs over peach mix. Bake 25-30 minutes.

Really tasty and easy. But, it doesn't travel well. But hey, it all goes to one place anyway right? :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Farewell, Chocolate!

Haha j/k, you didn't really think I was going to give up chocolate, did you? But I do have to bid adieu to my LG Chocolate cell phone. So very sad. I broke the battery thing last week, then I finally killed it off when I went to Spring Mtn Ranch to see a play on Saturday and got water on it, sigh. If you are not familiar Spring Mtn Ranch is near Red Rock Canyon and they have plays outside, and you can bring your picnics, blankets, chairs, whatever. Its so much fun! My friend Courtney was in the play Working, and it was great! So today, I've been debating Iphone, blackberry or ENV 3? I do have Verizon, I really didn't want to change plans, then I found out how much it was going to cost to operate either the blackberry or the I phone. I finally decided it wasn't worth it for me. Although in January I bought my first Ipod and absolutely love it. If you would have asked me five years ago would I be so attached to my cell phone, I so would have told you no! I first bought pay as you go phones, and they were great. I guess I just started talking more, and forget about the texting stuff, I'm still pretty new to that. Guess I'm crawling out of my hole, LOL. So I can't buy a new phone until oct 4 but I found my mom's old cell phone, and it will work for now. It saves me an extra $70, I'm all about a deal so I will just have to wait for now. By the way, went to the Melting Pot tonight in Summerlin, this only reopened last week. It is one of my new favorites. I never ate fondue before, pretty fun! Beware it is pricey..but very worth it, make sure to get the bananas foster, its amazing and you get quite a show at the end of your dinner! Entertainment Book does have a coupon, so that will come in handy. I give a rating of 5/5spoons! :) That's all for now!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

And so it goes....

Wow! Here I am a blogger, imagine that! So this is my first post, and I'm not sure what to say for what I will put on my blog. But I guess... simply is pretty much whatever I want. Isn't that great? Kind of exciting for me...seeing that I've never really kept up a journal, I've attempted a couple of times. Whether I'm having a bad day, fantastic day, loved a certain tv show...or even found something hilarious, I do love to laugh, or share a good'll find it here, I hope!