Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun Monday- Mama said/ Father knows best

My Mom and Dad- Helen and Fred

There are so many things that we learn from our parents, don't we? I have alot. Since I do, i'm going to list them..hope you enjoy.

Advice from Mom- Don't worry, it will all turn out in the wash.

Enjoy yourself, misery doesn't love company. If you see something, get will probably be gone when you want it. There's nothing wrong with a spur of the moment trip. Ice cream is good all the time, especially in the winter. Don't sling things around. Pack for the unexpected on a never know. Don't do things last minute. Chocolate is good for you. Don't bother Mom between hours of 12-2pm. (SOAP time) Slow down. Lock your doors. Keep your receipts...every last one of em. Don't lose your socks...and treat your stains so they don't set in. Make a good impression, Be kind...Be on time. And listen to Dad.

Advice from Dad- Saturday is NOT a day for sleep- "Do you want to die in bed? "This is Not Burger can't have it your way. Yes you can make a drive to Denver in under 8hrs...with a visit by the highway patrol. Directions are optional. Yes, its okay to see how far the gas tank will take you . Patience is a virtue ( he taught me to cook) . Yellow means speed up (observation-see Highway Patrol comment) If you want to buy a car, take the chid with you. Surprise wife.(She didn't want him to buy a car). There's nothing like spending your Saturday rummaging through the thriftstore or the hardware store. Saturday morning is Pine Sol....and fresh cut grass. Keep a Clean House. Be on time....and listen to your mother.

I know growing up watching them together, things I noticed were saying I love you was important. They had arguments, but in there 26 yr marriage I don't recall them ever going to bed angry. One thing that I a GPS. I can't tell you how many family trips where mom and dad were arguing. Dad got lost and wouldn't ask for had trouble with the map. If this invention was available back then , trips would have been so much more nicer. Growing up, I didn't liked being nagged. I would be thinking... " my gosh, would you stop nagging me?" As I talked to my friend yesterday, I realised something. You do miss it. I love you Mom and Dad.

*Its Monday..Its Fun. Be sure to visit the girls at In Good Company. Click on the link on my blogroll. Its how I roll.... ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

43 Odd things about me

43 Odd things about me -Started as a Facebook note :)

1. Do you like blue cheese? Sometimes 2. Do you like shrimp? Oh yes! 3. Do you own a gun? Oh no! 4. What was your favorite Kool-Aid flavor? red 5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointment? Yes 6. What do you think of hot dogs? Like em, especially the ones from costco 7. Favorite Christmas movie? Its A Wonderful Life 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Orange juice, or diet coke if I need to stay awake, I know I'm bad..just being honest. 9. Can you do push ups? Not very good, but the girl pushups I think. 10. Do you have any tattoos?! 11. What's your favorite piece(s) of jewelry? A pearl ring that I got from Pam Starr, she has amazing jewelry!12. Favorite hobby: I don't know if I really have one, I do like to read. And attempt to bake..oh I like to cook!! There you go. But I don't do crafts...just say no! 13. Do you have A.D.D..? What was the question? 14. What's one thing/trait you hate about yourself? I doubt myself. 15. Middle name? Calista, family name. 16. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment: my feet are cold, i'm tired and I hope I don't get cancelled tomorrow. 17. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Water, milk and diet dr. pepper 18. Current concern? Making money to pay bills. 19. Current hate right now? that we're all broke. :( 20. Favorite place to be? Out of town, relaxing. 21. How did you bring in the New Year? New Year's Dance. 22. Where would you like to go? Hawaii, Austrailia, England, Bahamas...and on and on.....sigh 23. Name 4 people who will complete this? the cool people, you know who you are! ;) 24. Do you own slippers? Yes I do, and I love them. 25. What shirt are you wearing? I'm not, I'm wearing my nightgown! 26. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I don't know 27. Can you whistle? Yes 28. Favorite color? purple or green 29.Would you be a pirate? Sounds fun 30. What songs do you sing in the shower? wouldn't you like to know? 34. Worst injury you've ever had? That would have to be when I was at a dance at BYU, it was especially for youth, a teen camp. I was dancing and my knee slipped out, subsequently went down on the floor and landed indian style on my foot. I broke it and got to spend the rest of the week hobbling around BYU on crutches, and oh yeah our room was on the third floor, good times!35. Do you love where you live? Live in Las Vegas and never left yet. 36. How many TVs do you have in your house? 3. 37. Who is your loudest friend? not sure 38. How many dogs do you have? I put my dog down last summer..but I have owned 3 in my life so far.. I would love to have another, but not ready for the responsibility yet. 39. Does someone have a crush on you? not that i'm aware of.40. What is your favorite book? I've discovered I love to read. And I didn't realise until after I graduated from nursing school, cuz when your in school, you don't want to read anything else. Some of my favs are Twilight series, The peacegiver, the sunflower, the christmas sweater. I think i'm a bookworm. 41. What is your favorite candy? Anything chocoaty, too many to name here. 42. What is your favorite football team? I'm going to say broncos, because my dad was from denver, or the sf 49ers, I just like them. But I'm not a die hard football fan.43. What is your most embarrassing moment? This is kinda you ever have those times you wish you could take your foot out of your mouth? Well me and my mom were walking to my car in the parking lot and this humongous big yellow car , picture huge 70's relic. Anyway as I was getting my car door opened I said out loud "what a big banana boat!" I didn't realize the owner was in the car and heard me!!! And he said " this banana boat is moving" Whoopsie. ;)

**I did this note when I first joined facebook over 2-3 yrs ago?! One thing that changed, I did go to Hawaii. Aloha! Dreams do come true.

March Madness

Today, I just want to throw in the towel. I apologize to anyone reading , this is my little venting session. I think Facebook is too public to be posting your personal stuff. Not that this isn't a private blog or anything, but I don't get as much traffic. So this is my therapy. Have you ever felt like you go and go and go...and its not enough? I'm sure you have. Coworkers and friends keep asking me how school is going. I'm not gonna lie, I pretty much hate it. I wish that I was just done. I enrolled knowing that it wouldn't be easy. I work full time nights, and it is so hard being sleep deprived. And then when I'm not in school, I worry about my job. It has been slow and I've lost hours. I'm trying to have faith and hang on, but sometimes its just hard. I know that when my problems get too much, I need to just hand it over to the Lord. I feel at times that I can't do it. This sounds terrible, I know...but let me say my day got better.

I got my results on my next exam and the results were pretty much the same as the first exam. Needless to say, as a whole the class continues to struggle. I seriously am trying to fight through this. Going back to school for me is like a have to instead of a want to. Its how I feel. But its not over. Round two with my fight with Biology has me down, but i'm not out. I'm not going to give up.

Reminds me of a song from my first go round with College, Tubthumping...i'm aging myself.

"I get knocked down, But I get up again .. You're never going to keep me down......We'll be singing When we're winning. We'll be singing."

Then, three hours later as I was driving home from Henderson. And might I add, its a loooong commute..I saw a sign on the back of a truck "GOD LOVES YOU" . As I saw this sign on the truck. I was thinking about how when you can't give anymore, you need to hand it over to the Lord. There are times I don't think I do that enough. As I was making my way through Henderson and contemplating things, I decided to turn on whatever CD was in my player. It happened to be a artist by the name of Michael Mclean. He writes alot of uplifting music. The song that happened to play had lyrics that at the time felt just for me:
"Will he really answer me,
Will he see what my heart needs?
Will he have the time for me, will he really answer me?"

And in the next verse I listened carefully....

"He's never broken his promise, he'll be there. He hears each word, heartfelt thought in prayer. He's devoted to you. He'll help you know what is true. Thats what he's promised, that's what he's promised to do."

So with that being all said and done. I feel like I had a prayer answered today. And my answer is to not give up. Keep fighting...and that's what I will do.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Party!

The Bride and Groom wanted each member of their wedding party to speak for a minute in public to the bride and groom. Did you see the commercial from Hallmark where the guy reads from a card? I took a page from that. I wish I had the card, it was very nice. But for my purposes this cute jar will do. :)
The the purple.
Bride and Groom...
Their first dance. That screen was showing pics in the background, and that came when I took the pic. It was meant to be. They ARE sealed For Time and All Eternity!
Maid of Honor, Sylvia.

Garder time! And, it was army themed, LOL Each table had a jar with a daisy, it represented Theo's father who had passed away. I love that idea. Each table had a name, Bliss...Eternity..Happiness, etc.

When we were in Maui, Andrea had saw the Hawaiian Wedding Blessing, it has a hawaiian couple. I found it online!!

Special shout out to Honda Civic...super nice, and wow leg room!
And to Garmie....where oh where would I be without you? Probably lost in a corn field.

We missed our Mexicans, didn't see one...then in our motel parking lot we found the best Mexican food east of Las Vegas. El Camposino....thanks for providing our mexican fix and the weight gain, LOL.

We also discovered a real White Castle. It was way better than the frozen ones from Albertsons!

Blogger deleted my pic, if i can figure it out, it will come back. Otherwise, check Days of Our Lives. Andrea and Theo congratulations on your sealing. I wish you every happiness. God be with you till we meet again.

Getting Ready for the par-tay!

This was after the Temple at Andrea's house. And right before I fell on my caboose, LOL.

Custom made Converse....for Mrs. Calloway.

Andrea's colors started from the earrings Theo had given her.

That was a fun idea.

Love the nails.

The Mansefield Mafia ;)

This pic says alot...doesn't it?

Loved this.

I never said I was perfect. And I don't know whose fingers those are

Andrea's Fam.

Pic with the Mom's
You don't realise how many pics you take until you start going through everything. Oh well. It was fun. First pic was at Andrea's house, which was covered in snow. They literally were snowed in on thursday. One thing I had found out about living in snow country. They only plow the business areas. If your in a neighborhood, you're on your own. Ugh!! Anyway, I followed the fam over to help take some food to the chapel. I was in my sandals...with tights. Anyway I got to the top of the long driveway. And got the food, then Andrea says to me "Cindy, did you fall yet?" I say no and procede down the driveway, and .....Kathump! I think I might have just made that word up...but it is the only word that could describe the sound. So my black dress was covered in snow. It was alright. The other pics are of Andrea getting ready for the reception..and wedding party pics, and I still have some more...but I'm almost done. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ohio part two. The wedding! :)

Me and the groom.

Bride and Groom, and Allie...bride's looking better!

Loved this shot.

Friends Forever.

Andrea and her mom, Nancy.

Andrea and her brother David.

This should be under the next pic. We're showing the lunch boxes with the bride and grooms pic on the box. Funny thing, Groom is standing on the same side as his picture on the lunchbox, LOL.

Here's the first. Minus the groom, hahaha.

They're so cute.....

And they lived happily ever after.....

Here's a crazy story to add to this day. After the wedding ceremony, I was waiting for the bride and groom in the lobby in the temple. As I am waiting for my friends to come out...I run into people I know in Ohio?! Who I ran into were Lars and Kristi Larsen and Brother and Sister Flinders! I went to school with Lars..and Brother Flinders was my 9th grade seminary teacher.We both said at the same time "What are YOU doing here?!" Lars and Kristi live in Texas now, and Brother and Sister Flinders have moved near Columbus Ohio. They just got off their mission for the LDS church to South Africa! Isn't it funny who you run into when you least expect it. We really live in a small world...I guess it was meant to be. Another plus, first day it wasn't snowing. Thank goodness! Not so much a fan anymore. ;)