Sunday, December 8, 2013

My newest YouTube Sensation

One night I was video surfing You Tube and I stumbled onto this gem. It's long but it's one one the best ways to waste 14 minutes. That's at least two rounds of Candy Crush people! ( I won't go  there, LOL) Anyway it features Tom Fletcher, who is the groom and he is terrified to speak but he can sing in front of thousands, so he geniously matched his band songs from the UK group McFly and rewrote the songs to fit this speech. It's my favorite thing right now ☺️ Now, I just need some McFly music all things London !! *swoon* I'll post the link up for you to watch, unfortunate problem blogging mobile. 
If I ever get the chance to Marry... The bar has been set ☺️ Watch it!! You 

November Stuff.

November wizzed by!

It's that time of year again. Time to keep busy during the holidays. It's exhausting, but it helps. ❤️ My friends! We cranked out 10 pumpkin roll logs, took over six hours- started to wonder if I over worked the oven. And my quote of the night "As long as it tastes good, right?" These were given to friends and neighbors.

Kitchen is a disaster- and it's ok.

Then that weekend following pumpkin chaos we had Early Thanksgiving dinner with Lilly, Becky , Diego Allie , Joeleene and Jake. It was fun to do! Besides I wanted turkey! Never mind this was the first week of November.

I even decorated the house for Christmas early, crazy!

Braved the cold rain and went to the premiere of Catching Fire😊 I loved it!!! So good- I need to see it again!
Most importantly... Remembered My Mom ❤️

The day of moms anniversary, Theresa gave me a precious gift, a boxed set of Sound of Music- one of our favorite movies ❤️