Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Heart to Heart.

In Relief Society, we were given the opportunity and challenge to read this book

As we do our visiting teaching each month, we are reminded to have a  "Heart to Heart" moment.
This book is about taking time out to make room for God's love in your life. If you have an inspiring list, I encourage you to add this to your list.

The Experiment is this: One thing that the book stresses is not to do anything out of the ordinary in your day. I.E baking a loaf of bread, or a plate of cookies, in order to succeed in this experiment.
From the book  it says this-

1. I will become more aware of the condition of my heart, and with that awareness, seek to keep it more open toward others
2. I will do this in the normal course of my life, in other words, not feel pressured to put any extra activities into my day-no extra visits, casseroles,etc.
3. I will notice the Spirit and be willing to honestly report what happened or didn't happen. In doing so,  I will try to understand my personal stumbling blocks and strengths.

We were given these cute little journals to write down our thoughts...but I am just gonna post what I have noticed this first week into my experiment, having read the book...and just living my day to day. First, at work..I am in the service industry, ahem...nursing! And, the hospital is trying to improve their service particular the HCAP scores...which are based around the customer's perception of our staff. One of the things they are having us write down on the little board in the patient's room is "We are here to listen and meet Your needs." I do my part, and with every patient I now write this down on the board. I think its a nice idea, and personally I have always strived to treat the patient how I would like to be treated, professional, caring, listening, etc. But, I think it takes more than writing down on the plastic board to carry this out. Maybe its supposed to serve as a reminder...then how about this one: Remember Who You Are.  I had two patients yesterday just thanked me for all that I had done, which wasn't out of the ordinary for me, but to them it was huge. Because according to them, the day nurse that took care of them, never made the time for the little things, like passing towels out, or juice. Sometimes, in our lives we get "too busy" to notice these little things.

I went visiting teaching with my new partner, can I just say how nice it is to have a vt partner? And we visited with 2 out of the 3 sisters. I'm going to be honest...I wasn't prepared. But I went out and visited with them, asked them what they were interested in, and we just had a nice time visiting. Fast forward today, I REALLY waking up at 6 o'clock at night to a knock at my door, which was my vt teacher, who was exceptionally ready with a lesson..and a treat, to myself, who is in my modest pj's...I told her I was usually up after 4, but not today. And I told her, if she didn't mind if i'm in my pajama's to come on in. It was a very real moment. But that was one of the heart to heart's for me today. It made me realise that our vt's are here for us, no matter if we have an immaculate home, or we just rolled out of bed. ;) I promise to be more presentable next month.

And just in my day to day...somethings I'm just trying to practice, I guess are just to observe people around me, and to realise how I come across with my patients, coworkers, friends, church family...person walking down the street. No matter where you are from , no matter what you practice, or if you don't practice anything at all...its a good experiment.

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