Thursday, April 9, 2015



I first met Lily back at the Las Vegas Institute when I was 21 years old .there is so much I want to say in this post and I don't know if the words will be adequate for what I feel inside.  Our friendship started with a simple ride home for Lilly and Jesse -little did I know that the little ride home would change my life. This picture here is of the LDS humanitarian Center and Salt Lake City. I remember my sorority advisor and Linda had asked me to be a friend and kind of be her sidekick during our trip to Salt Lake. Lily has been a big part of my blog because she's always been there we've always done things together just as best friends would do. So it's really hard for me to write down in words how I feel about Lillys life and now that she's no longer here.

Mine and Lily's friendship has had our ups and downs .But it reminds me  of my relationship with my grandma Josie . My Grandma would call me every day and we would talk about nothing and sometimes that kind of irritated  me. A typical phone call would go like this:  Hey Lily whats up? Lilly : nothing, how are you ? Me : I'm fine how are you ? Lilly: good and then I would reply is there anything you needed she would say no and in her Lily cheerfulness voice thing well got to go talk to you later I miss those phone calls now.

Lilly was always the friend I went to for anything, because Lilly got me. That's what best friends do. It's okay to call several times a day... and for no purpose, LOL.  Lilly and I started tripping around early, whether it was some random outing on a Saturday night..Random trips to the strip (With several Lilly stories to share ;) Our first trip was to Disneyland
We went a lot of places... Cruises to Mexico..Education Week.. Women's Conference.. Time Out For Women and Tuachan and other places. Later I found out one of Lilly's last questions was what did you enjoy the most from this life? All my trips ☺️ was what she replied.
During Education Week Lilly sought out and found the General Primary President, she was super proud!
I have to add this one because this was probably one of her favorite experiences from our cruise if not the most! Swimming with dolphins. 


I marked something off my bucket list. Attend a lantern lighting.... More later

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

General Conference

I had so much fun during Conference Weekend. I love this time of year. Time to recharge my batteries. And it's always fun to catch up with old friends ❤️

So fun to visit Sonja!!!! We've been friends  over 25 years!!!!!

Me and Stephanie at ladies night!! Craziness. We had fun though!! ☺️