Monday, September 10, 2012

September 7th.

Its my mom's birthday today. For me, I don't forget anniversaries..and dates. That's just how I am. For my Mom's birthday today, I did buy  a card. More for me..its very therapeutic. Although to some, they may think why would you waste your money on a card that will never be read?  And to that I think why do we put flowers down on a grave then? Here's mine...

Mom, no one has to tell me how lucky I am to have you, because I've known for a long time. When I think back over the years and remember all the special things you've done for me. I realize that you're not only a wonderful mom- you're also a unique woman. You've taught me so much about life and love and giving and those are lessons i'll never forget. You've shown me how to stand on my own in the world, and for that i'll always be grateful. So many things that have added to my happiness have been gifts from you. Maybe having a mom like you has spoiled me a bit, but don't ever think I don't appreciate and love you, because I do.

Hi Mom-

My first thing I did on Friday was that I did go to the cemetary in Boulder City to place flowers. I was tired, but I wanted to go because I knew I wouldn't make it there in the afternoon. I don't carry on conversations at the gravesite..its just awkward to me. But again, that is me. I missed  you today..we would always have a birthday blowout weekend..going out to dinner, maybe a movie..whatever. And that is what i've done this week. I saw a movie with Theresa earlier and I swear we probably laughed more at things we did or said during the movie, than the movie itself. I never laughed so hard...Theresa started to squeak..I'm coughing and gagging..from the laughing. It was great, oh the name of the movie it was called Hope Springs. Thats what best friends do...laughing at the simplest of things. I think you would have approved. After what seemed an endless ride home on Friday, I finally slept. It was almost 10 o'clock before I got home. I was very drowsy, but I made it. Friday night, we made it to Marie Callander's ....we had a great time, ate too much, not to forget the pie. It was just fun to get out.  Marie's was a favorite of yours and mine..I didn't mean to pick for that reason..but I picked nonetheless.

Saturday I spent the aftenoon with Lilly and we made it to the Harvest Festival. Its a tradition now. I have to go. I started going over five years ago..I would call you on the phone and tell  what was there..and you put your order in for what you wanted.  Now, well...I go for me. Its my retail therapy. The funny thing is, you had me buy all of these soup mixes. And I couldn't look at the package without crying...those were my issues.  Anyway, a year later..I started eating them again....and now, I was telling Lilly that I have to go get my supply. She just laughed at me because she knew of my issues. Its funny now. And Lilly and her Mom went on Friday and they took a picture with Mr. Fudge in honor of Jessica..because with their family they had memories with Jessica..and it was with Mr. Fudge. That was something Jessica needed to have a supply of too! I think that with both of us..the craft show is about memories..and thats why we keep going back, it makes us happy.

                                            The parking lot does not.  ; )

One thing I've observed this weekend for me is that I haven't cried. Which is a milestone for me. Although while writing this, I've shed a tear or two. The thing that I did do which I realise is something I do...I go into the kitchen. And I cooked...and cooked. I don't know why I do that , but again its therapy for me. 

Happy Birthday Mom- I love you very much. And always will.

             Love, Cindy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 10th- Paris!

Arrived in Paris today. Our airline, Ryan Air, was so ghetto. Its really true, you get what you pay for. We arrived by the subway once again...

*huff...puff*  ; )  STUPID SUITCASE!

But when we flew in, the airport itself was so pretty.

And then I saw our bus...we were going in style!
A Mercedes Bus!

We were about 40 minutes away from Paris. I enjoyed the ride there and getting to know Liz. Once we arrived we boarded the Metro to Paris to Le Gard du Nord Station
Once we got off we were studying the street maps...While en route..I had major allergies. I couldn't stop crying!
We finally got to Hotel Le Rocroy!

So happy to have a real bed!!
And I did have to take a picture of the bidday. : )

It was certainly a upgrade! And this time, I will be rooming with Mary Ann since we will be having our London adventure in a couple of days. I am SO excited to be here!!! A nother check off my bucket list please.
Our neighborhood at dusk. J'adore Paris!!
We finished our first night at a little french cafe nearby...
"Paris is Always a Good Idea."-  Audrey Hepburn

Monday, September 3, 2012

August 9th continued...Madrid

After we visited our first cathedral..we grabbed some lunch from the grocery store and found a stairwell to eat our lunch..overlooking a park.

We encountered some entertainment along the way..
Went to another lovely cathedral...
Next, we went to the Royal Palace of Madrid...or Palacio Real de Madrid!

Whats a few more stairs?
It was beautiful...but I think some of the highlights were the standing airconditioners..we were dying of the heat, LOL.
Tourist Life.

As we walked around Madrid today..lots of experiences for sure. It was later that night that I found out that my Jessie was failing...
It was so hard to not physically be there. But they told me they loved me and to enjoy every minute.  I had talked with Jessie about my trip and she was excited for I will enjoy. For myself and for Jessica. Life is short.  We need to celebrate everyday!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

August 8th- Madrid

Today we explored Madrid, and attempted to master the Metro. Our hostel is in a interesting spot. I love the culture here. The music is not what I thought it would be, its very americanized, not the traditional Spanish music. We started our journey that's a few pics.

First this is the roof of the lobby...crazy huh?

What am I pointing to you ask? See that towel just hanging in the fountain? Ugh.

Breakfast for Champions!

Walking the streets...I hate to say this, but its my blog and I will. You could smell the urine in the street! Just saying...Its muggy, and Hot. Aye Carumba! I love our walks...
Check the size of this candy, is that not ridiculous? We picked up our liters of water. No Candy yet for me..trying to be semi good.
We walked through the Plaza Mayor... it was beautiful!

On the streetlamps on the plaza, people would attach padlocks to the base with expressions of love. Aww.
To be continued....

August 7th...Arriving in Madrid, Spain.

After hanging out in Heathrow Airport for a couple of hours...we are off again. Now, to Madrid. I must admit how bizarre it is having got off the plane at 730am  and realizing it was 530 pm? Ugh. We've done very well.

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Madrid Airport...HOORAY!!!

The flight to Madrid was good. When we arrived I was nervous about going through customs for the first time..but all was well. And I got my first stamp on my passport.  : )

Awaiting the metro...whoops I blinked! ;)
Me with Margie and Hayden...our almost newlyweds!
Hello from the Metro!
What is nice about Madrid was the Metro was attached to the airport. Which was good. Bad for me..I realized I packed WAY too much! Huffing my what seemed to weigh 30 lb suitcase up 3 flights of stairs about killed me. Thank goodness for friends that helped me. Such a nice group of people. A  lot of them I knew from the Willow Springs Ward..that made it so nice. Next on to our grand accomodations...
The lovely Cats Hostel...No dogs allowed. LOL

Greetings from Madrid!

This was my dinner..banana crepes. A little breakfast for dinner. Some had churros and chocolate, which is their staple here..or ice cream. Very nutritious. Hey, we're burning it off!
My friends are glowing...Julia and Derek.
Until next time....