Monday, April 26, 2010


Mexican Cruise

Pretend this is me!
This is the little speed boat that pulled us in the air, it was fast!!

Cabo from where I am

Here I am!

my ship

Getting ready to Parasail!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mexican Cruise

A nativity in the bathroom, and there are people inside that hand towels to you and expect a tip!!
Cabo San Lucas

I liked the clouds

Me and a donkey...and Lilly's thumb

Cliff diver in Mazatlan, and they do ask for tips, LOL

Mexican Cruise :)

Show was great!
I wish I had video, what a voice!!!

Performers from the show

Beautiful costumes!

At the Mexican show

Mexican Cruise :)

Me and tour lady, I forgot her name. I will say Juana?
Catholic Cathedral in Mazatlan, I wish I could flip this!

On the bus tour in Mazatlan

In Mazatlan, isn't it pretty?

And so did I !

Lilly found Senor Frog

Mexican Rivera Cruise! :)

Dolphin pool, we swam with them!
Do you like my sombrero?

Hallelujah, I made it!

Our ship The Splendor, our cabin is about 6 above the lifeboats

On the balcony in our room in Puerto Vallarta

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lets Make a Deal....and Goodbye Willow Springs, hello Palmhurst!

For Lilly's birthday, which was Jan 28th, she wanted to go on the game show...Lets Make a Deal with Wayne Brady. So much fun. Lilly dressed up as Snow White. The rest of us decided to be the seven reject dwarfs. We had more fun coming up with the names..I laughed so hard till i couldn't laugh no more! Frumpy, Dumpy, Wheezy Sleazy...and Cheezy. Who all went were Allison, Andrea, Melissa, Theresa and myself. I never had been on a game show before. The interview process was entertaining. And the theatre is so much smaller than it is on tv, and let me tell you, that Wayne Brady?? Tiny, yup I said it. Very skinny. The taping was long, and we were tired. But we had fun, and no one from our group got picked however, Andrea almost did. Little disheartening to sit right next to the grand prize winner right? January I moved back into the Palmhurst Ward, and left the YSA ward. Its been a difficult change but its good. I have a new calling I'm the Humanitarian Specialist and am involved with Stake Womens Conference in May. I'm super excited, but i do have to say I had my reservations about the calling, seeing that I can barely sew or be crafty. But I'm always willing to learn. So the transition has been good, I think. I even went to the Single Adult Conference in May, I had a great time. It did bother me to see sixty yr olds there, but i decided that it was a learning opportunity and to stick it out. I'm so shy anyway...but it was really nice. I went to see Phantom of the Opera with my cousin Victoria and my Grandma, that was fantastic! And now, in less than 3 days I will be off to BYU for Womens Conference and to Bountiful for my cousins wedding. I am so excited!! I would love to post some pics sometime, and as soon as i can figure this out, I will be sure to. All for now!

Catchin' Up

So its early Saturday morning and I can't sleep, not surprised. So I am going to catch myself up on what happened from Jan till now. I'm still frustrated with the blogging thing, but i'm going to try to stick with it, for now. Ok..there is a very funny story that I forgot to share that started on New Years Eve. This is more for me, but if anybody out here reads it and gets a chuckle, well then i'm glad. It started Christmas night. I had to work on Christmas Eve so I didn't really want to cook or do much of anything, so my grandma and I went out to dinner, earlier that afternoon I spent the afternoon with my roomates family and had a nice time. We went to this restaurant called The Black Pepper Grill, formerly our favorite White Chocolate Grill. Anyways, meal started off was that the meal we had ordered wasn't the meal we wanted, i.e prime rib and got prime rib sandwich instead. By this time its after 8pm, so I was willing to keep it..i was getting hungry and didn't want to waste food. So...they bring our sandwiches out, can we say moooo?! Bloody red, and I'm a postpartum nurse, and i was a bit nauseous. So then we can't flag our waiter, and the restaurant isn't busy, they are all a bunch of nicely dressed people standing around. Then, i decide to get up and go up to one of the standers by, and say you know, I didn't even order this but decided to take it..could you at least cook it? So, they take it back..and it was fine after that. But then, all the waiters and mgr were standing around our table? I guess I caused a commotion? By the end of the meal, instead of maybe giving us a discount on our meal, they present me with a bottle of Lemon Ciello!! Now, i'm a nice mormon girl who doesn't drink, but I had heard of this only because of Danny DeVito sputtering abt it on The View. Our dinner was a bit pricey and as my grandma and I walked out...I was like dang..we should of kept the bottle and sold it!! ;) Next I wanted to go to the movies, and we decided to go to a drive in. I haven't been to one since i was 3, to see Blind Side (which was excellent btw!) Anyway, our screen was broke for almost an hr, and we were cold...but we stuck it out, they gave us free tickets and i decided to drive around and it started, so that was a bonus! New Years eve i found a perfect spot to park behind the strip and we saw the fabulous fireworks display!

Wake Up Call!

Wow , I woke up to Oprah and lookey what I found!! I can't wait for this movie. But, maybe i'm the only one noticing all the bad wigs on bella and carlisle? Oh well...I guess bleach is bad for you!

Final Eclipse Trailer - Official #2 (HD) :D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sharing Time

I'm thinking about my Dad today. I love my Dad, and it doesn't seem possible that its been 13 yrs since he has passed. But in honor of my Dad, i'm going to share the recipe that always reminds me of my Dad. He was a great cook, and he had the patience to teach me on Saturdays, in between our going to the hardware stores bleh :\ to going to the thrift stores :). So this is a potato chili recipe, no fancy name and no fancy food...but its really good!

What you need:
1 pkg XLNT chili con carne brick, i've seen these at albertsons in the lunchmeat aisle
1 pkg flank steak, or pork or ground beef , cut in small pieces...ground turkey works well too
2 cups dry scalloped potatoes
2 cups of water
1/2 onion diced your choice white, red, sweet...i like the sweet doesn't make me cry as much
1-2 diced fresh tomatoes
1-2 cups shredded cheese...doesn't matter what kind, i like the mexican blend
2 tbs flour mixed with 1/4 c water for thickening, or i have used wondra

What to do: First, preheat skillet to 350- 400 degrees
My dad has always used a electric skillet, i think it works better. But if you don't no worry. Brown the meat with the onions in the skillet , open the chili brick..if you see alot of fat on top, slice that right off. Cut the chili brick in small pieces, i dice it and throw into skillet with meat. Work the chili into the meat and onions. Next, add potatoes and water. Mix the 1/4 c water with flour and stir well. Add flour mixture to skillet. Cover with lid and and turn it down to simmer, i cook around 250, cook 30-45 minutes or until potatoes are done. Last 5-10 min of cooking add cheese and tomatoes. My dad never added tomatoes, but I like it. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Its been a long time!

Long time, no see blog. After my second post, I gave up. I'm restarting now. My last post was in October, so what have I been up to these last few months? October...nothing exciting happened that I can recall. November, well I got through my mom's second anniversary. And I prepared to get through Thanksgiving. It was really fun actually. I had some friends over Thanksgiving for supper, then we stayed up all night for the annual Trudge to WALMART!! Theesa B. and Joeleene C. went with, can I just say how insane and crazy it is? But you know much as it was crazy, I loved it. I haven't had so much fun in a really long time. I didn't really have alot to buy for, but I love a good deal...and believe it or not, I loved being out with all the people! What made for even more fun was that Theresa was buying for all 5 kids in one swoop! I think everyone was though, hehehe. To see Theresa's cart stacked high with toys and videos and not being able to see her head and to see the pile topple over everytime she turned the corner was ijust priceless. Joeleene had a great time, I know the holidays were going to be hard for her as well, she had lost her mother this last summer and Theresa lost her mom in the spring, it was so nice to be with my "sisters". As I have said, I don't think there is anyone you meet that you were not supposed to. My friends are such a support! XOXO !

Either late November or early December New Moon came out. Isn't it terrible I don't remember the date the movie came out when I went to the premiere? LOL It was amazing, I love love love these movies. I may love the books a bit more, but I think the actors did a great job, the special effects were awesome...and can I just mention Jacob Black??? :) Woo! Way Good.

December I got my house decorated early, and I went on a cruise with Lilly P. We booked it back in June, with my new friend Cheri...Lisa's mom. I just love facebook! I was looking for something to take my mind off the was great. Went to the Mexican Rivera, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. We went on Carnival, and we got a upgrade to a BALCONY ROOM!! Thanks to Cheri! :) And was I glad...first three days I caught a bug on the ship and I was sooo sick! But I found Walmart in our first port Puerto Vallarta. And you know what? Walmart is the same no matter where you go!! Took advantage of the spa, the food..eventually. I swam with dolphins, went to a mexican culture a great knock off coach purse :), and I parasailed!! That was truly amazing, if not frightning. But it was one of the most memorable events in my life so I was up in the air by myself for 10 minutes it was so peaceful and quiet, I never felt so close to my Heavenly Father. Once I figure out alls the ins and outs of blogging, I will definetly put some pics up! We also took a tour of the ship and met the captain, so much fun. Loved Carnival. First stamp on my passport done! And, when we were flying home from LAX, I think I saw an actor that used to be on All My Children. I haven't watched in a couple of years. But he played Erica Kane's son. I can't beleive i put that out there. Oh well...I just did.

January was a new year and my birthday. This year I went with some friends to see Lion King at Mandalay Bay. Oh my was so good!! Lilly, Andrea and Linda went. We just loved it, we also ate at PF Changs, one of my favorites. Such a good night. I'm just glad to have had such a great time! Oh, I forgot what I did in Nov...dang. I went to Time Out for Women with Lilly, Alli , Stephanie, Joeleene. It was such an uplifting experience. We went to St George for that. As my friend Linda has said " refill your lamp". And we did...and it was good.