Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 02- Disneyland or Bust!

After the adventure on Thursday night, it was a much deserved sleep in day. I think when you get older some things just take a presedence over anything else. And sleep was that for me today. I remember growing up and going on vacation with Mom and Dad and my dad notoriously would get us up early.."Come on, Cindy rise and shine."  "Dad...I wanna sleep"  "Dad: Are you gonna die in bed? We got things to do!" *groan* I never did grow out of that. I got my eight hours in and decided we needed breakfast, so off I hiked to this place...
Strawberry Waffles for me and Banana Pancakes  for Lilly...yumm!

             Our day starts here at Downtown it always does.

                  First a stop at the Lego Store...pretty neat. :)

                                 Look...I match! I'm a goof.

                            I love that this is made all out of Leggo's!
                                  Let's not forget about Darth Vader.
                                                        Strike a Pose!
                                                London Bridge.
          Now, this is the store I must stop at...wardrobe change. :)
                          We made it! Let the memories begin....
After we stopped at the lockers to drop some stuff off, we roamed down Main Street USA,  Back to Tomorrow Land to board this ride of my youth... they revamped it. Its awesome.
 And I was so happy to see this back. This was one of my all time favorites, even though its just a movie. Michael Jackson! For those who haven't seen...check this out.

                We were then off to Finding Nemo. Still in Tomorrowland.

         Here's my shirt...and part of Matterhorn in the  back. It was closed. Dang!
A view from the sea....

You know what? This post is way too long! Stay tuned for another episode of  As My World Turns...

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