Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Blog....

Its been a crazy week. A stressful week! Can I just say that?! But the week is almost over. Thank goodness. And I am so grateful to have friends that I can just spew and vent with. I will call them my double-checkers in the times I wish I could talk to my Mom and Dad. I am sure glad to have these wonderful people in my corner! :) I know that i'm not given anything that I can't handle, but it doesn't always look like sunshine and roses...although sometimes I wish that it did. But isn't that what chocolate is for? Oh anyway. If any of my friends or fans :) are reading this looking for some inpiration..i'm tapped out. But I did like the last post, so go to that. I'm off tonight, i'm going to attempt those canning skillz once again...because I need to stay awake. I'm so tired. I hate having a day off in between my night schedule! It throws me off.  Anyways. Off to the showers, and to my kitchen table to pit my cherries...
Livin' the goodlife. Or Provident life.
Be back to report on the success or failure of my latest adventure. Until then, TTFN. Ta Ta For Now!

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  1. Sometimes life isn't a bowl of cherries, but the pits instead. ;) Hang in there . . . or hang out with us. {{HUGS}}