Friday, September 24, 2010

Full Moon

Sorry this isn't anything personal, just to get some things off my chest. Like a phone call to Mom at 130 am. So, this week has been super crazy!! And all because of the big, bad moon!! Hooray for the harvest moon. I seriously don't know what it is, when there is a full moon there is babies o'plenty! I worked Monday through Thurs night and every night was just crazy, crazy full of patients. But I'm so glad to get the chance to work and do what I love...and make up for last week when we didn't have as many patients, I've lost hours. And that's hard. But I have faith, sometimes not as much as I would like but nonetheless. Yesterday was bad again. I worked on my floor for abt 2 hrs when we got a call from my boss, telling the charge nurse, "Cindy's going down"...HUH?!? I went down alright...down in flames, LOL. Our sister floor is GYN, and the full moon had affected us all. They were such a load of patients. I feel like Cinderella this week, you know pre fairy godmother and Prince Charming. LOL It was like before, nothing was going right..or not right for me. But I put in perspective. Give their meds, keep them satisfied, and keep them happy. I was thinking of the song Don't Worry Be Happy. I didn't take my break till 330..I was just spent, it was a time again I wanted to vent to I just sat and cried for a minute, I was just so overwhelmed. I was good after that...and it didn't help that 3/4 patient's needed new IV'S...AND they were so hard! I got me some help and it was all good. At the end of the shift..I felt better. And I hope my patients did too! I needed a drink after that in a Starbucks, is like me in a bar, LOL. But it was soooo good. The End

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cindy's Book Club- Mockingjay

Hooray!! I finished this one in five days. Loved the Hunger Games Series. What is the Hunger Games? I will sum it up like this. Think of Survivor, in Suvivor 12 or so people are stranded on a island and who ever outplays, outlasts is the Survivor right? In Hunger Games, 12 people from 12 different Districts are represented. There is no United States anymore, its a very desolate time where people are fighting to live, fighting for food..almost like an apocolyptic time. Kind of depressing. Anyway, "The Capitol" holds what it calls the Hunger Games. They pick one person from each of the 12 districts. They are playing in the arena, while the cameras are rolling. But, unlike Survivor, they have to kill each other. And the ultimate winner of the Games wins a better lifestyle in a nice house, plenty of food to eat, and the title of the winner. In Mockingjay, I honestly thought this was one of the most violent books that I have read so far. That part disturbs me. This author intends this book to be for young adults, published by Scholastic. But if I were to give this a rating like a movie, definetly PG-13. But a personal 5 stars from me!! Could not put it down!! I was rooting for Gale, although I like Peeta also. I was surprised at how much he was brainwashed. I don't know if I read too fast, but I didn't like they dealt with Primm at all. Without giving away, what happened? Granted, she didn't have a big role in the story, but I thought she was handled hastily. And I wished that she had spent a little more time on the triangle. Not that I didn't like who she ended up with in the end. But it seemed like she ended up with him because the other split, I don't know. It could have had a few more pages I think. As far as the war went, very well written. Almost too much. I think the ending was too short. She needed to explain herself, considering this was the end of the series...sheesh!! That's all. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


That's alot...what did I get myself into?
Peeling the peaches, very messy. But we smelled like peaches.

Did you hear the lid pop? Its fizzling!

Sshhh...i'm concentrating.


Finished product, we done good! :)
I have been wanting to try my hand at bottling, a couple of yrs now. It was a big task, but worth it. We had fun, and we learned something new. And look how nice they turned out...i'll pat myself on my back now. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Its Bridal Shower Time!! 8/24

A couple of surprises first Melissa....


And Katie!

I gave her the second surprise...

In honor of Hawaii, she gets to don the grass skirt,
AND...the coconut bra! ;)

A Big thanks to Natalie Littlefield!


Bridal shower Bingo, and the sign fell on my head, LOL.

The pitcher was so pretty and it tasted good too.

Some gifts.....

Joelenne, Andrea, Lilly and Alison

Andrea's coworkers from JD Smith

Drea, Audrey, myself and Myla's hand!

Myla and Drea


Everyone came...and I mean EVERYONE!! At least 40! Pretty good for a first
time shower thrower, I think I might have been baptised that night...hahaha.

Me and Joeleene. Coolest part of my house Gail!

Myla and Melissa

Chairs are ready, get your church on!

Andrea, so much fun throwing you a shower! Didn't know that many would show up...but hey you are loved!! And as a novice shower thrower, I guess I was baptized that night, LOL. Enjoy your presents! A huge thankyou needs to go out to Alison and Joeleene England for the awesome chocolate dipped pretzels and for helping us to have our chocolate fix ,Joeleene C. for helping me set up and Lilly for the chairs.... THANKS FOR MAKING IT A SUCCESS..LOVE YOU!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday- last day cruising and Saturday-Honululu and Pearl Harbor

On our way back home....:(
We got a mini tour of Honolulu, minus the Polynesian Culture Center

"TO THE MEMORY OF THE GALLANT MEN HERE ENTOMBED AND THEIR SHIPMATES WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN ACTION ON DECEMBER 7, 1941 ON THE USS ARIZONA " a nice sidenote, those that survived Pearl Harbor had elected to be cremated and buried with their shipmates on the Arizona.

Oil still drips from the USS Arizona, and you could still smell it too.

Layout of the ship.

This was definetly one place I had to come and see. My Dad was NAVY, and this memorial is definetly hollowed ground. There was a spirit about this place. And my Dad would have loved this, as much as I did. I felt him with me.

Thanks google!

I am a LOBSTER.....OUCH!!

Part of the veterans cemetary, it was huge and they wouldn't let us get out to look. Boo!
Well...the piano was open at breakfast, look who's entertaining? ;) We're leaving the ship soon!! Disembarkation they call it.

Nancy and Drea

Much better..although I don't know what she got instead, LOL.

I made Drea Nancy go to the Teppanyaki restaurant, which they enjoyed, now was their turn. We went to this Italian Restaurant I think on fri. For some reason, I didn't want my pic taken, im guessing because I was feeling ick. But this is the before pic of her receiving her first appetiezer, I don't even know what it is, maybe some rare meat? I forgot now.
A hui hou Hawaii, I sure will miss you! :( In English means Goodbye, until we meet again.

I love it!
Can you believe we woke up to this? I was thinking of the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow .

So sad! The whole week just zoomed by! Yes, I did have some allergy troubles. But its all good. Friday we pretty much were hightailing it back to Honolulu. Unfortunately there was no time for the Polynesian Culture Center...or the temple. I WILL come back someday and I will make for sure to make time for that. But honestly, if you have never been to Hawaii like myself, I think that cruising was the best way to do it. You don't have to pack and pack again, catching planes or boats to go to the other islands. I wish only that I had more time, but what do you do when the funds are low? Hawaii is such a beautiful place. There is a wonderful vibe here on the islands...laid back, thats me or thats how I would like to be! I would definetly reccomend it! On friday, I was still under the effects of Benadryl and I pretty much stayed in the room in the afternoon. We all took a afternoon nap and we woke up to this beautiful picture. Definetly a experience that I will never forget. I LOVE HAWAII!!