Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Day....con't.

After we listened to the Dapper Dan's...we headed back to the train. But first we stopped again.
          Pictures! I wish I had a green thumb.
  Peek-a-boo! Don't you love the lilacs?
         Here is Lilly...the bag lady. :)
 It was a beautiful day.
Oh Matterhorn, why must you be closed?!   At least there was Space Mtn. :(

We hopped the train again, and we got off at New Orleans Square for a visit with the Pirates...
A classic, but one of my faves.  Holy cow was this line loooong! It was midday and darn hot!! Good things come to those who wait..."Yo Ho, Yo Ho....a pirates life for me!"

While we were waiting in line, and might I add we were in the handicapp line, because I was pushing Lilly in a wheelchair we were standing by the Blue Bayou restaurant, which I think is the restaurant inside. Could be wrong, could be right. But I've got a secret....shhhhh. Here it is.
Just above here....

      This is the door to the secret Club 33.

I didn't know this even existed. A friend of mine posted on her blog. So its a private dinner club with a 14 yr waiting list. In fact so many have applied or are waiting, no one can apply. Once you get accepted, you just pay the small fee of $10,000 and a yearly fee too. You may dine with celebrities, presidents...and I hear the experience is fit for a king. Is that not crazy? But the entrance is secret, inconspicuous...and its the best kept secret, until now.
                               Yay, I got the camera to work inside the ride...
I just love this one. Worth the wait! Traumatic for someone else. :)

Next, since we were in the neighborhood....I thought we should visit the Mansion.

               So you know how you get in the elevator or room that stretches?

Someone had a little panic attack and wanted to leave as soon as the doors closed. I was trying to calm and say its ok...and I would ride anything she wanted (dumbo.) .  I almost lost my patience and said
"Look, maybe you'll see my mom and dad! GET ON! As I grabbed by the shoulders...LOL.  We or maybe just me enjoyed the ride, again another classic, but its not Disneyland for me if I don't go on these.  I think we had some hangers on....
                               But their cute hitchikers.....:)

So next, I promised Lilly whatever she wanted to ride now....she suffered with not one, but two dark rides. She wanted a slow ride in the Sunshine.

                               So we went Cruisin! On Tom Sawyer's Riverboat.
                                                   Besties!!   :)
   So the last this is I think  is Tom Sawyer Island...Saturday is also the day you can go canoeing. Not doing that this time. Its ok! But lovely picture....

I just love Disneyland....but its been a crazy day. I should NEVER go in August!
                     Who needs to go to New Orleans?  LOL.
                                          Loved this one.

We stopped for a break in Frontierland Diet Coke and Churro's during the day.
Then off again.  We pause for an interruption of a parade...
                                                     TEACUPS!!!  :D
                                                    Enjoy the Very Unhappy Birthday!

I've gotta say. After I spun and spun the teacup, I was SO dizzy. I notice as I get older these rides take a moment to get over, LOL. But they're still fun and I will still go!! This is the end of my Disneyland post...next up....Disneyland California. Stay Tuned!

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