Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Mom.

Hi Mom,
I wanted to write you a note. I wanted to say Happy Birthday, I can't believe you would have been 70! I miss you. The hardest part would have to be leaving work and not being able to call you and say it actually. I even miss going through the aisles at Hallmark and getting you a cute card. I really miss that. But I guess its kind of redundant to send a card to someone who isn't here. But I think its a nice idea. I am just doing things today that make me think of you....somethings that you would do. Although I played the sympathy card today, I truly didn't want to work today, however I had a lovely night last night. I even made it to Boulder City today. I know you are not there, but its nice to reflect there...its so peaceful.

I think you would approve of my weekend. We're going to have a girls trip to St.George. I made my plans with you in mind...but I loved SG every bit as much as you. I made a big mistake in my planning. I had a lot on my mind. But I just love to go up there to goof off. Not for a reason or anything, you know how we did spur of the moment trips? Kinda like that. But I am not trying  to sit here in a corner and boo hoo. You got to live life and move forward, but sometimes I reflect on the should haves and what ifs.  Life's been good...and sometimes its hard.  I try to take it day by day.

But I will have fun with my friends and we will celebrate. I miss you and dad , there have been so many times I wanted to ask your opinons on this and that. I'm doing my best to make you both proud. I admit though, September is just rough.  I don't know what the future has in store, but I know you and dad are keeping an eye on me. I will continue on :)...and I'm ok.

                    ~ I love you and miss you much~

                        Someday, I will get a scanner. Until then....Graduation night at PF Chang's.

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