Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Friday...and other stuff.

I got this on Pretty darn excited and got it two days later, doorbuster sales at walmart start at midnight online. :)

And the insideTarget looked just like this....hahaha! Theresa did her annual shop, LOL.

I stood in a line just like this one, but in Vegas....and a frosty 28 degrees, brrrr!
After a great thanksgiving, I caught a little nap just in time for BLACK FRIDAY!!! This is starting to become a tradition I think. I love black friday. I don't have alot to buy, but I love going nonetheless. I think I love being out with hundreds of other people, looking for great deals. We started at Target at 330am. Ridiculous, I know. The doors didn't open til 4. Believe it or not, we all were in good spirits. The big things that people seemed to be buying were flat screen tvs and computers, which were at amazing prices. I was only looking for a bluray player, which I bought online at . I discovered something, if you want the same deals as waiting outside in the cold with the crazy people , just stay in your jammies and head to your computer at midnight, and score the same deal!! Its the best. I'm so excited, I got it two days later no joke. Now I just need to get my tube fixed, LOL. We also went to Walmart and Bath and Body Works.
I go to get in the holiday spirit and I get to help a friend out while she is buying for all of her kids in the same day. Yeah, its kind of crazy. But there were alot of people doing the same thing. Its so much fun. Not so fun later, when Theresa got a ticket on the way to Toys R Us. :(
I have done nothing today, I can hardly stand to be away from my bed. Stupid Flu!! My laundry and dishes are piled high to the sky and my house is in shambles, but I don't care. I hope to feel better and get off of this bed and do something!! But I didn't call in sick this week...I stuck it through, the nausea hits me in waves...ugh. On Monday, I did something I was quite proud of. I finally drove to Pahrump by myself. I know, silly right? I am or was petrified of the drive there, especially the route of highway 160 which is the hill that goes into pahrump. I wouldn't go up there, I have never done that by myself. Last time I went was over 4 yrs ago with my mom. Our friend Virginia lives out there with her husband Quenton. She had a stroke and it didn't sound good. She's not doing too well. The good is that she can walk with the aide of a nurse, talk, eat. The sad is her memory is gone. She thought it was 2006, and asked how my Mom was doing. I had to break the news that my mom had passed away, it was kind of heartbreaking. Hopefully they will both be moving into Las Vegas into a nursing home soon. Its just so sad to see people deteriate so quickly. If I could rewind the last four years, I would. But I can't. You just try to keep moving forward.

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