Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twas the Week Before Christmas....

Twas the week before Christmas and quiet in my house. Too many pictures to take and blog posts to make, without even a mouse. :) No more rhymin' or you'll be whinin'.

Dinner and Presents exchange at Raising Cane's.

Oh look, a snuggie! And purple too.

We Match! I love my scarf, Allie!



Oh My Gosh!! I can speak now. I got us tickets for this...and I kept it a secret since the end of October. It was killing me, I tell you!

I can so relate to Nurse Connie Lou Chamberlain! ;)


:) I can't believe I stood in line, but glad I did...thanks Lilly.

This pic isn't so great...but its life...and kinda funny. :)

We ate here on Christmas Eve, so good!

My grandma and me...don't fool your eyes, I am not Chinese..although I love telling people I have a Chinese grandmother, and my Dad is a Sanchez...and nope I don't speak Espanol. Love her!

The ceiling......

Got this off Google, they make a spinning salad. And she pours the salad dressing like that. I thought if i took a pic, we might have a disaster...she needs to concentrate.

This is from our dining...they wheel out the beef to your table...mmmm.

A Merry Christmas to all....and to all a goodnight!

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