Thursday, December 2, 2010

To BLURB or not to BLURB....that is the question!

I need advice. I'm wanting to make my blog a blog book. I especially want to do it, because of pictures I have, and I would like them in a nice book. With that being said, I have probably around 120 posts, is that too small for a blog book? I like the idea. And, does anyone have any particular blog to book website they like? I would love some input friends! :) Thanks


  1. I love my blog books. You have plenty posts for a book. I say Go for it!

  2. Love your new background!

    Emily E in our ward made a lovely book out of her posts from one year (used blurb -- give her a call to look at it.)

    For smaller books about a specific occasion, I really found picaboo to be so great and easy to do. The customer support was fantastic.

  3. Well thanks Kim! Doesn't picaboo go with your pictures, can you do blog stuff too? I noticed that cutest blog on the block has a book format too. Decisions, decisions. :)