Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Nativity is Back!

Oh Darn! My picture is outta sync! Anywhoo, this gingerbread masterpiece comes from my amazing friend Christene. She is a contributor to the Whipperberry site. Click the link to take a peek. Very Fun. Gingerbread Genius! :) Mine's at the bottom.
We went to Grimaldi's for dinner. A patient reccomended it. Its way good! By Eastern and 215.

My first meal of the day, gotta love it.

Joelenne and Lilly...sorry about my thumb, not my camera!

Getting ready for dessert!

Butterscotch Toffee Cheesecake...for Lilly. And as any good friend would do, we tested. For safety, of course. ;) YUMMM!

Joeleene and myself ordered a Canolli. First time for me, it was so good! Why did I wait so long?

The before.....

And after........LOL

My Sisters!!
The choir before the concert

A Japanese nativity. I liked it.

Baby Jesus, four weeks old. Precious!

Theresa and.... Sam, Jeremiah, James, Jaina and little Sara. Phew!

Me and Theresa, friends since 8th grade! :)

My instant heater= sore knees.

Sara enjoyed it

Lilly is so in her element. There is over 500 nativities in here, I think.

I think this is my favorite. So glad Redrock Stake took over. I was so sad last year when this wasn't happening. It puts me in the holiday mood. Yeah, I did cry. Nothing new....and I wasn't the only one. Great spirit there.

A nativity from Ecuador.

From Jerusalem...and thats real olive wood.

My fruits of attending my friend Christene's party. She baked them all. I just decorated, and I'm so glad. I could never make mine stay up, LOL. She's super talented. Check out my link for Whipperberry. She's one of the contributors. I didn't eat the candy. *pat on the back*

And the back. The cornflakes are supposed to be snow. ;)

And after all that...we went lookin' at some lights. Awesome, right? I don't want to know your powerbill mister. But thank you for your christmas cheer. So poor people like me with no lights can admire. :)

And lastly...I got into Nevada State College!! Time to start the next phase of my nursing career. Very slowly. But I am starting and I am excited. For now, I'm only getting my associates RN. Its cheaper. I really didn't want to go back for awhile. I love what I do. But I realize the economy is what it is..and I need to keep going. Nevada State College had a weekend biology class that I need, when I get done there what I want...I will hopefully finish at CSN. Four more biology classes to go. Then, I have about 7 classes to get my RN!!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We did gingerbread houses last night. Your pictures look nicer. I told my daughter she could have called us to go the the Nativity as we were just sitting home watching the Hallmark channel. She said it was very well done.

    Your food pictures are making me hungry ...

  2. Oh the Hallmark channel is always nice! :) I'm sorry you missed it. It was fantastic. They did a great job. Only thing is, you had to get there an hour early( I told my friend the wrong time). It worked out great, because there wasn't much least it seemed that way to me. I'm sorry my pictures make you something. ;)