Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Memories...

First time making candy. These are Cindyproof.
I promise to share recipes.....

Baking....ground zero. Yeah, fun. I'll do it again it 12 months, LOL.

Not so fun cleaning up...:P

I'm doing something that I've never attempted before. Drum roll please...candy making. My christmas memories growing up center around my Mother. My Grandpa Jim lived in Parowan. Every year, my mom would attempt to make the fantasy fudge, you know...that no fail fudge?LOL. Umm yeah. She could never get that to set up, and fast forward to present day and I can't make fudge either, LOL. Gave that one up a looong time ago. However, if someone would like to make ME fudge, I take donations. :) But anyway, my mom attempted candy making, peanut clusters are what I remember. But I have never made candy. Until tonight. My next posts will be some pics and recipes. I like to call them Cindyproof. Because if I can do it, trust me, anyone can. I made some mint oreo truffles and some other kind of chocolate truffle. And I made some gingerbread cookies. They're so good. I'm mostly a cook. With baking, there can't be any mistakes, its all about exactness. Thats probably why I don't bake. Because I make mistakes, if I cook something, and its missing something..well I can probably fix it. But, I give myself credit for trying. I am not gonna lie...not my favorite thing to do. But keeps me busy nonetheless!! So far, so good. Should I try the sewing machine next?? Naaahhhhh!! ;)

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