Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zoom Zoom!!!....I will need to catch up

Hey all, hope your week is going good. I've had a good week, can't complain. Tried to hit Zumba but the class got cancelled, but I stepped my foot in the gym, and its all good. Isn't it amazing how your body gets used to doing...or not doing certain things, and then you go and do them and you're body is like whoa, wait a minute! Well that is me...but its ok. Its like the story of the tortise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race. I have just placed myself in a crazy scenario this weekend. I work tonight, leave work and catch a plane at 945 am which is taking me to SLC by way of Phoenix. My dear friend Patty got married while I was in Hawaii, and I really wanted to go. So...i'm heading to the open house. Squeezing in cat naps on the plane rides I suppose? The open house is at 630pm..go to that, then crash for a few hours. Then, I get up at 5 am in UT. Go back to airport to leave at 7 ish....then filling in for a coworker at work at 130 pm! tired just writing about it! Hehehehe...I will post a pic or two in the near future. Bye for now! I will need to be the posterchild of how to survive on little or no sleep. ;)

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