Sunday, July 11, 2010

Insomnia, Obama-Drama,No Class...And a Emergency!

Well, well, well. I am not surprised right now that I am so completly turned inside out and upside down. I can say that I made it. I think. The weekend isn't over, just yet. I want so bad to add some pictures, but I don't have any at the I will just tell the tale. This way, I won't forget later, right? It seems like as my world turns, some times it turns in a tailspin?! The stories I have, hahaha. Well, started off Friday morning. I had to work Thurs night and on friday I was leaving for the airport. As usual, I was the last one to leave. No big surprise there. I showered and left for McCarran. Now on thurs or wednesday President Obama came into town to campaign for Senator Reid. I've been following his schedule..hoping that I would run into any problem around town. BIG MISTAKE!!! My flight was supposed to leave at 950. Well we boarded the plane like we were supposed to, then we heard our pilot say that we had to stay on the tar mat because Obama was boarding Air Force One. Seriously?!@!*...ugh!!! On a bright note, I was able to catch an hour nap and no plans changed for me. So I headed to destination 1 Phoenix AZ, I think first time for me. Umm lovely airport, I think it looks and feels just like Vegas except no temple and no Strip. So I actually stayed awake the hour that I was there. Then I boarded for Salt Lake City..uneventful I actually even slept again another hour. Then...the drama. I woke up..and I realized we were still in the air at 420. I then heard the pilot announce that they are trying to fix a technical difficulty (the steering to the nose went out in our flight) before we land and they were talking to air traffic control, but were having trouble communicating in between the moutains. Then 445..he announces ( cue dramatic music/voice) We've exhausted all our options....we're preparing for an emergency landing. Suprisingly, I was calm..calm but praying since I awoke . I really was, UNTIL..the passenger across the aisle pulls out her cell phone and makes her last call. Yeah, then I started to panic a bit. I was thinking, oh crap! I'm sorry, its true. Thinking I might be reuniting with my Mom and Dad sooner than expected and things I haven't yet gotten to do, seriously...In those few minutes, crazy! I guess you just have a moment were you are trying to pull yourself together, no matter what the outcome will be. But we landed safely...with firefighters and paremedics on standby for us. The problem was that we could land just fine, but the pilot could not turn the plane, only go straight..little problem there. So we landed and we stopped, then we were towed somehow, don't ask me how. I've seen heaps of blessings from Heavenly Father in these two weeks. But the reason I went Lee and Patty Richardson's open house. It was very nice. This whole trip is like a big blur...not to mention in phoenix I got in line when everyone else did and the ticket taker're not first class. Wow. So in my sense of humor...I was talking to another passenger and I said...we're the bottom, we have no class, LOL. Got to find the humor, oh well. And today the plane from phoenix to LV was an hour late....I'm done flying for now. Pictures to come, I hope. Glad to be home!

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