Friday, July 30, 2010

I've Got a Secret

I love the title, but there really isn't a huge secret. My secret is I love to read cards. And as much as I love getting cards, I mean going through your local Hallmark and reading the messages. I've had a real brutal week thinking about so many different things, trials people are going through, my own personal trials. And then I remembered I bought this awesome card for myself, which I pulled out to read-

"You are facing a challenge, And there's probably a part of you that wishes you could run and hide...that's normal. The unknown can be scary. But you know what-you have friends like me who care about you and who know that you're a lot stronger than you think! I've always admired your courage and the fact that you always come though when the odds are stacked against you, So its okay if you have moments of doubt. Just be assured that I don't doubt you for a minute! You've never been one to run from a challenge, and you won't now. And that's good because it's only when you step out into the unknown that you discover you can fly."

I love that. Its like when i'm having a terrible time, and things aren't looking up, I go to this. But no, don't get me wrong. I go to my scriptures, but the card for me is like the friend that I can't call at 3 in the morning, but I have had...and you know who you are. Its good for people sometimes to jump in head first, but then again . I like to think things through before I dive, so to speak. I think I let my fear take hold sometimes, and let the pesimism rule. But I know that I need to step again and learn how to fly. :)


  1. I love that card! I think all of us need a cheerleader to reasure us when the game is looking like a loose, and remind us we need to keep going!!!

  2. You posted this 5 days ago, so you are probably out of your funk. I tend to be an optimist, but have had a loooong stretch of adveristy, so I'm not clueless.

    One of my favorite quotes is: "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." Orson Welles

    Smile, laugh, and be grateful -- everything else gives you a headache.

  3. Love you guys! Yeah, I'm out of my funk. I'm trying to decide how the next path in my life will work itself out. We are supposed to have faith, and I do..but i'll be honest, I'm a worrier. Guess I get that quality from my Mom. I'm trying to decide how to work full time and go to school. But it will work out. Last weeks lesson by Sister Yummul definetly was something I needed to hear!

  4. That is a beautiful card! I had a card once that I bought for myself and I would pull it out every once in awhile as well, just to help me out. It had a picture of a nice elderly couple on the front and said "Happy Birthday from the Michelson's" It was so random-- it made me laugh every time. I wonder where that is....

  5. Don't you love that. I always find myself in a Hallmark, just chuckling over the funny cards. I amuse easily! :)