Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Made It....Aloha!!!

Our "Cruise Approved" Picture, LOL
Here I am with the documents, can't believe its time to board!!
"Have you Ever?" No, we haven't
"Have you Ever?" no they haven't!
....and again ;)
We're here!!!!! :D
Nancy, our lovely travel person from Pleasant Holiday and me

Did you know you have to take a test before you land in the islands of Hawaii? Go ahead and laugh, but its TRUE. The stewardess handed me a pen and a scantron looking thing and on there you had to post why you were coming, where you were staying and for how long, business or pleasure...yada yada yada...oh yeah and don't bring fruit with you. You're considered a threat if Mass ..... well you know, cause you could wipe out the vegetation or something, LOL.

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