Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting Ready To Say Aloha.....

I had a luau at my home on Fri June 18th. I was having my Grandma Harriette over along with Andrea, her mom Nancy and the Rosser Family which is Dave(Andrea's brother) and Melissa, Katie, Hannah and Emily. I had so much fun preparing this evening, I think I might like giving parties. I decorated the kitchen Luau style...my guests were preoccupied with the curtain I hung, you'll see. On the menu was Hawaiian Haystacks crockpot style and Crock pineapple upside down cake. I was running late, not an unusual thing for me. I call my grandma to tell her I'm late and she says don't hurry that she fell in the bathtub and hit her head in the bathtub..landing on the faucet. WHAT?!?!? And she still wanted to come and meet everyone, oh my gosh!! We all had a great time. After dinner I took grandma to Summerlin ER. I was so impressed how quickly they treated her! She was a riot back in the ER. She was more worried about tearing a manicured nail than hitting her head..the male nurse taking care of her was just laughing with us. She's 87, so they did a catscan, everything was ok, no bleeding on the brain thank goodness. But still needed to watch her. And I was nervous too, seeing I was leaving Sunday morning. But I had her stay on Friday night and took her home on Sat night after I picked up Andrea and Nancy from David's house. Wow, what a start to a vacation!

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  1. This party looks fun, but where are the hawaii pictures? We are excited to see them!