Monday, July 12, 2010

Aloha!! Day 1 of the Pride of America !

We're ready to sail!!
I'm such a nerd....I just loved the first Wahine sign at the Airport!
For day one, it was all about flying to Honolulu and starting our cruise. Embarkation, for those of you that don't know is to begin. Our person from Pleasant Holiday was so on the ball. She met us, showed us where our luggage was and quickly got our cab! I personally was just in awe of it all, I couldn't believe I was ACTUALLY in Hawaii! We thought we would have all this extra time on our hands, but we didn't. Its called rush rush rush. Honolulu was very pretty as far as cities go. I was so impressed with the cruise line, they checked us in so fast. Last time with Carnival, it was very disorganized and we stood outside in the rain, so much better. Next, we got on the ship and again we were all amazed at the ship. Unlike other cruise lines the Pride of America is the only ship to fly with the American Flag, pretty cool. First place we tried to hit was the excursion desk to book our trips. I think this trip I was the most disorganized because I spent so much time saving and saving! But it was ok. Really long line, but we got up to the front and then they announced over head the drill was to start. On cruise ships one of the first things you get to do is find your life jacket in the room and proceed to the drill. The ship is split into zones and you have a muster station or place to meet in case of disaster..such as Titanic. They have plenty of life boats and water and food. Usually you go out to deck and line up. But on our ship we met in all places, the dining room. It was a real funny site. I wish I had pictures of that..oh well. Afterwards we got to go grub at the buffet, then went and stood in line...a long time , to book our trips. We were still determined to go to the PCC, but the person I talked to, who happened to be from SLC said we may get there on Sunday, but we may not make it back in time to board. So we changed our minds abt that and decided to try to find a local chapel. We were jet lagged, and retired early. The next day, I even tried to find the local Stake presidents office, but no one called me what exciting place did we go to? Stay tuned!

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