Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best of Maui- Maui Ocean Center and Teppanyaki

If you celebrate an anniversary on this cruiseship, you get to wear a dragon on your head.
Our dinner was fried rice, check out the rice heart, filet mignon , lobster and veggies. So good! The little orange and green balls are called Mochi. Its like gummy ice cream, I had to twist arms to come and try Japanese food with me, Andrea and Nancy loved it. The chef was a riot, we were taking pictures, and he's like "Is this going on facebook?" yeah dude. ;)

Chopsticks even come with directions, but they still don't help

Practicing chopsticks, but for pics only...we went to silverware

We saw turtles, not apart of our dinner

This is actually inside the aquarium, pretty cool

Getting ready for dinner!

Octopus...dont mind the flash

Shark, or sting ray....

Believe it or not, this is a jelly fish!

Sigh...wish I edited the guy out, oh well.

Best of Maui was a long day. After the plantation lunch, we headed over to the Maui Ocean Center. Unlike SeaWorld, there are no performance shows. The Maui Ocean Center captures endangered fish, cares for them, then after a period of time, they are rereleased into the ocean. Loved this place!! I love aqariums period. After Maui Ocean Center, we went back to the ship. Later that evening I had made reservations at Teppanyaki. Think of Osaka or Bennihana, where they throw the knives in the air, and cook on a table in front of you. Very entertaining....and sooo good. I love Asian food of any kind, except for the raw sushi. But it was fantastic! We attempted chopsticks, but not for long. We met a couple from Reno and California. There were several couples on the cruise that were celebrating anniversaries, and the waiters put dragon heads on them and sang I think it was I love you truly.....don't remember now. Oh well.

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