Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trip to Ohio...Part One.

Warning- the following post contains lots of pictures! I like pictures, and I like to take pictures. Deal with it, people!! :) I'm late, i'm late...for a very important date...
Thanks to this little project. I was stuck inside for almost an hour!

We were on standby. I got to the airport by 10 or 1030 I think.
No way were we going to make our first choice flight at 1115! Guess what?
We Made It!! :) I saw the barn while I was driving. The penguin isn't mine.

Yay for Mansefield...Where everyone knows your name?

We got welcomed by a Level 2 snow advisory. Which means drive if you must. Level 3 is try to drive...or if we catch you, you're going to jail! Thanks Theo. Snowman has my thoughts on snow down pat!

I've been to some exotic Walmarts. North Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta, Maui. This is a whole other level of ridiculousness. But here I am!

Here's Alison

Here I am. Bbbrrr!

And...we're stopped. Well...I guess we'll leave the cart right here!

For Dinner we ate at Cracker Barrel...I love this place. And I got some watch jewlery!! Love the store inside. And,those rocking chairs. Our waiter Scott was quite the comedian. We were loud and laughing and talking the whole time. First when he asked Drea what she wanted to drink she said"Water. And lots of it." Well, as you can see he filled her order! I caught this pic while she was on the phone..hahaha. They also got me. Her brother David got these fake lotto tickets appropiately named Gold Digger, now don't be thinking about Kanye West. Anyway I had won $5,000. I was pretty excited until I turned my card over....DANG IT!
A quote from Drea at the Cracker Barrel - "All a girl wants is a daisy in her hair and a bucket of chicken!"

Love note from the waiter- it reads "Are you Done Yet?"

Oh mercy. I put these on right before dinner. Last time I wore fake nails was in high school. How do people function, seriously? My fingers looked good, but I couldn't dial my cell phone or buckle myself in the car, LOL. I never have nails. As we were leaving for CB. I had broyke off a nail already, Allie was helping me to reglue my nail...and in the background the song was going like this.."stay...just a little bit longer" no joke. Its my life. :)
Our nails. All of em'. Bling Bling.

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