Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun Monday- Mama said/ Father knows best

My Mom and Dad- Helen and Fred

There are so many things that we learn from our parents, don't we? I have alot. Since I do, i'm going to list them..hope you enjoy.

Advice from Mom- Don't worry, it will all turn out in the wash.

Enjoy yourself, misery doesn't love company. If you see something, get will probably be gone when you want it. There's nothing wrong with a spur of the moment trip. Ice cream is good all the time, especially in the winter. Don't sling things around. Pack for the unexpected on a never know. Don't do things last minute. Chocolate is good for you. Don't bother Mom between hours of 12-2pm. (SOAP time) Slow down. Lock your doors. Keep your receipts...every last one of em. Don't lose your socks...and treat your stains so they don't set in. Make a good impression, Be kind...Be on time. And listen to Dad.

Advice from Dad- Saturday is NOT a day for sleep- "Do you want to die in bed? "This is Not Burger can't have it your way. Yes you can make a drive to Denver in under 8hrs...with a visit by the highway patrol. Directions are optional. Yes, its okay to see how far the gas tank will take you . Patience is a virtue ( he taught me to cook) . Yellow means speed up (observation-see Highway Patrol comment) If you want to buy a car, take the chid with you. Surprise wife.(She didn't want him to buy a car). There's nothing like spending your Saturday rummaging through the thriftstore or the hardware store. Saturday morning is Pine Sol....and fresh cut grass. Keep a Clean House. Be on time....and listen to your mother.

I know growing up watching them together, things I noticed were saying I love you was important. They had arguments, but in there 26 yr marriage I don't recall them ever going to bed angry. One thing that I a GPS. I can't tell you how many family trips where mom and dad were arguing. Dad got lost and wouldn't ask for had trouble with the map. If this invention was available back then , trips would have been so much more nicer. Growing up, I didn't liked being nagged. I would be thinking... " my gosh, would you stop nagging me?" As I talked to my friend yesterday, I realised something. You do miss it. I love you Mom and Dad.

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  1. So sweet! How fun you remember all of "your lessons"!

  2. Actually, it took me awhile to remember. Its amazing that I do. You never really forget.