Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ohio part two. The wedding! :)

Me and the groom.

Bride and Groom, and Allie...bride's looking better!

Loved this shot.

Friends Forever.

Andrea and her mom, Nancy.

Andrea and her brother David.

This should be under the next pic. We're showing the lunch boxes with the bride and grooms pic on the box. Funny thing, Groom is standing on the same side as his picture on the lunchbox, LOL.

Here's the first. Minus the groom, hahaha.

They're so cute.....

And they lived happily ever after.....

Here's a crazy story to add to this day. After the wedding ceremony, I was waiting for the bride and groom in the lobby in the temple. As I am waiting for my friends to come out...I run into people I know in Ohio?! Who I ran into were Lars and Kristi Larsen and Brother and Sister Flinders! I went to school with Lars..and Brother Flinders was my 9th grade seminary teacher.We both said at the same time "What are YOU doing here?!" Lars and Kristi live in Texas now, and Brother and Sister Flinders have moved near Columbus Ohio. They just got off their mission for the LDS church to South Africa! Isn't it funny who you run into when you least expect it. We really live in a small world...I guess it was meant to be. Another plus, first day it wasn't snowing. Thank goodness! Not so much a fan anymore. ;)

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