Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things I Learned Today

Big Lots...good stuff, good laughs. And they have furniture?

Its a Snapple. Wait its a candle and air freshner? And it smells good too. I'm sure its still made from the best stuff on earth! Can't believe I remember that. I love Snapple!

Dollar Tree has some amazing finds. I found James Blunt and treasures like.....

The Wedding is hideous and brings me to tears from laughing. SSSHH...Don't tell my roomate, its her present! ;)

I discovered I don't like coke zero OR pepsi max. Cherry coke zero pls.

And lastly, I didn't know that a membership to your local library can expire...let alone Purge you. I felt like I was being kicked out from my library, sniff sniff :). Hey, I read plenty of books, it just hasn't been ones from my library, LOL. I guess when I graduated from college, for awhile didn't want to open up another book at all. But then slowly, I came around again. I just didn't go in there and you know...sometimes there are some scary people there. Then I got the lecture from the librarian on all the reasons WHY I should attend the library...I wanted to stop her and say oh please!! I had to take a library class, for one day in nursing school. I know all the why's. So today I feel like a flunkie!! :)

So what did YOU learn today? ;)


  1. Hmmm ...the wedding workout. Is that before or after the wedding? :) I'm going to send you an email about what you can get at a Chinese Walmart -- Ugh and Ewwww!

  2. Haha...I can't wait. I'm sure its interesting. :)