Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hawaii Pics- Hilo, Volcanoes National Park and Mauna Loa Factory

A worker inside the macadamia nut factory
Later that afternoon, I made a kukoi nut neclace, yeah I attempted to be crafty, it looks pretty much like this except it has white flowers in it. Very cute, you'll see it soon.

We ate macademia nut ice cream...I tried guava yesterday, mmmm.

Workers in the plant. What a job!

This is Akaka falls, it was near Mauna Loa..didn't make it here, but thanks Google.

These are actual Macademia nuts, it takes awhile to get them ready to eat.
Entrance into Mauna Loa, beautiful.
I discovered these, they are sooo good! I didn't buy this size, LOL.

Isn't that cute?

Macademia Nut Farm

Nancy and Drea at Volcanoes National Park.

Steam from a active Volcano! You never know....


This was a fun, but long day, again. I loved it though. We started with a tour of Rainbow Falls. There were mango trees everywhere, and it stunk. It was humid, it rained on and off all day, but it was welcome. I love rain!! I really enjoyed Volcanoes National Park, very interesting. I wish that I could see all this from the air, but I booked one for later this week, that was cheaper. Amazing experiences, good friends and good food. We can't go wrong in paradise! :)

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