Monday, August 9, 2010

Lost In Space!!

Last night I was this........ A little sleep, some banana cheerios with chocolate milk.....and now I'm this!
Everything was wrong for me in computer world last night. Started with me wanting to share a couple of amazing recipes with you..went to downloading pics that went lost into space, deleting a nice photo different from last pics i tried to download, lost in space and lastly my favorites list has joined the others into space! I'm over it....and I created a NEW favorites list, so take that puter! >:)


  1. Sleep works wonders on our problem solving skills, doesn't it? Hope you find your lost items!

  2. Thanks Christene. Well, I'm over it if I don't find it. Not the end of my world, LOL.

  3. Chocolate milk is always good for what ails you! Hang in there. Cyberspace blows my mind.