Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hawaii pics- Hilo, Rainbow Falls, Volcanoes National Park, Lavatubes and Mauna Loa Factory

We are all underground, in a Lavatube!!!

I can't believe WE ARE DOWN HERE!!!


Here's a little prayer before the looong hike down the slipperyness...I look angelic, thanks to my cheapo camera.....:)

Botanical Gardens

This humongous tree is called a Banyon tree, the smell around here was
rotten Mangos. There were Mangos all over . If you weren't careful you would be slipping like if you stepped on a banana peel!

Feels like the rainforest.....

Would you mind if I pack this tree up for home?

Tinkering with the color options again

This thing was made out of a husk or coconut and native Hawaiians used it
for everything, scrubbing, brushing their teeth, not current Hawaiians though, LOL.

I liked this one, I had to play with the colors a bit, sad camera of mine.

As you can see, I'm playing catch-up. I've been so busy blogging about other random stuff, that I've been inconsistent with my pictures. Oh well, I don't care. So to catch you up to speed. I went on a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands with my friend Andrea and her mom Nancy. I posted pics from the first couple of days in Maui first. This day would have been Tuesday. We were in Hilo and we did the excursion of Rainbow Falls, botanical gardens and Volcanoes National Park and Mauna Loa Factory tour. Hilo, I think was the best for rain. Which I absolutely loved. It rained when we first started, like a fine mist..for ten minutes and then stop. It was very humid, but the temperature was so nice, it didn't matter. I would love to live here! It felt surreal to be here in Hawaii. I loved every minute of it. I have so many pictures, this post will be broken up.

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