Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hawaii- Kona Bay Beach Blast, and some other stuff!

I really wish we could have seen this...there wasn't time. :(

We discovered ABC in KONA, although there's one in Vegas.

Here's the turtle, or one like it that me and Drea LITERALLY almost ran into. The lifeguard yelled DON'T MOVE....TURTLE CROSSING! And there the turtle was..the funny thing was that the glass bottom boat tour was trying to show us the turtles but we found them on our own.
However, big fine of $ 10,000 if you touch them.

Here's our ship....The Pride of America!

This is the Marriott where we shared their toys

Finished our Kayack....
Glass bottom boat, who's big thing was to show us turtles...
See? Here I am applying my sunblock, LOL.

By Wednesday, the time of our beach outing...I was sick!! Well, on tuesday afternoon...I booked my spa appointment and had a massage. If you ever do it, it is worth it. With that being said..she repeatedly told me how I was deteriorating right before my eyes?! And trying to push all of their "special products"..sigh. If I wanted to know all that I would ask! But, I'm sure it is all apart of their job. I think it might have been the climate. It is so tropical and floral...I'm sure I had some allergies going on. It just took me a couple of days to to take effect I guess. At first , all I wanted to do was sleep all day. But I told myself go and get up! If your on death's door you go, when are you going to be in Kona anyway? And, I already prepaid for if I was on death's door here I come. Hellooo..Benadryl, LOL. In Kona we stayed on the beach, and we got to use the Marriott's pool toys. Scuba stuff, boogie boards..kayacks and glass bottom boat tours. Now, take in mind I didn't feel good, so not so many pictures here. But alas, I've discovered google. And I'm throwing some pics from there too! And lastly, Lovely Kona was where I got the MOTHER of all SUNBURNS!!! :( OUCH!!! I applied and reapplied the sunblock SPF 50, why couldn't I take after my Dad and just tan nicely? Nooo, I take after my mom's side who had a dad with skin cancer, and everyone burns. BOOO! That is all. ;)


  1. The next time you want to look good -- do it the easy way with an air brush tan from my daughter. You still have to put sunscreen on, but you look, oh so lovely!

  2. Oh thanks Kim! I might have to try Kami, sometime. Cause heaven knows I don't tan. I still stripe marks from the beach chair, LOL