Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweet November

I am trying to be positive in my post. Here are some pics off of my phone, I will explain as I go along. Thanks for visiting, wherever you come from and whoever you are...
   First I'm playing with my iphone.  Isn't this house cool? I love when people go out of control with the decorations.  :)
 I love this picture. I like to call it Pumpkin in Labor..I take no credit, I only took a picture off of my friends camera, because I couldn't figure out that darn Facebook. is funny! Instagram is awesome.

 And I gladly laugh at myself.  Check this out...this was my first try at making a desert for relief society on Thurs night. Its called Pumpkin Dump Cake. House smelled great. Cake did not however. Something looked wrong, then I figured out what was missing, the melted butter! Yikes. :P
                            Wednesday I threw a baby boy shower...he says he didn't know. But thats a fib. :)

                                                The conspiritors.  ;)

                                   Hospital pumpkin decorating humor...dead on arrival?
Thursday was Relief Society..and I was so excited to go. I got to listen to one of my favorite people Ginger Ewell. I felt so uplifted from my November blues..I have a gameplan. One of the things she said is to be a 100 percenter, go to church every Sunday, pray often , read your scriptures daily , atttend the temple,..something I really need to work on. An aha I heard at rs was when a sister had said when we pray for certain things and within the scriptures are our answers. I loved that. She also mentioned this picture, if this goes away it was a quotography and it says If this isn't your aren't my prince. Inspiring! As for the dessert..not touched. I kinda flubbed. Oh well.
As I was trying to fight my blues..earlier in the week, I had a thought. Get your hair done! I remember my mom saying this to me often, I was a regular highlighter, and sometimes I went often sometimes I was neglectful to myself. But I always feel so much better. Thanks Melinda...:)

Another thing I did was sometimg of a tradition for me now....I hit the craftshow. I do this every year.
The weird thing is this brings me comfort believe it or not. And I will tell you why.
This is Dee. She's extremly talented and makes really cute overalls, dresses, jackets. Something I've never shared before, and I think I should. Here goes. My passed away in November,  her death for me was unexpected.  I had infact came to this very craft show with her for my first time. I dragged her, but she loved it. Second year she couldn't come and I had cell phone in hand, and she was telling me her order for what she wanted. Soup in particular. But I had found Dee's designs..and I found this royal blue jacket for my mom. I had picked it out and it needed Dee was going to fix it for me and mail it. I was keeping it as a surprise for my mom, I can't remember now but I think I told her I bought her a jacket but she would have to wait to see it. She passed away two weeks later. Two weeks later after she was buried, my package arrived. I was so heartbroken. But..I did wear it around and it did give me comfort. I'm missing it right now, but, it was this memory that always leads me back to visit the craft festival. Its something for therapy. And my friend Lilly was with me..its always good to have girlfriends. :)
This is my friend Jessica, Lilly' s sister. We are two days apart. I'm younger. I still think we were cribmates at Sunrise.  :)

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