Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Time :)

It was a nice Thanksgiving, but busy! Grandma came over, dang. I forgot to take a picture. Next time. We ate, and ate and ate! I worked the night before, but I discovered a magical thing...
A turkey roaster! What an awesome invention! It cooked my 22 lb birdie in about 3 1/2 hours. While I slept. A huge thankyou to my friend for letting me borrow theirs. I cooked we ate, and cleaned the kitchen after..and I didn't even get to take a post Thanksgiving nap. It was madness this year, because Black Friday started up on Thanksgiving night! Its criminy I tell you! > :(  We hit Target, standing on the street for about an hour before we were let in. I was already exhausted having only slept 3 hrs myself. But as the song goes We Only Just Begun...

We then went to Wal Mart...Yikes!!
                                                           Yes its crazy, but it was fun!

I got the Breaking Dawn soundtrack...which I'm in love with!! And the book Crossed, and my beloved Breaking Dawn Soundtrack . My friend got more things for the kids... and just being there in the madness is something to see. For me, it kind of kick starts me. I'm not sitting at home, i'm doing something!

Next was Target. That was nightmarish!
You had to walk the perimeter of the WHOLE STORE to wait to be called into a line. HORRIBLE. :(

And then...lastly was Best Buy. By this time its 3 am. I stayed in the store for about half hour, then went to the car to nap. Ugh. We then lastly went to breakfast at a old hangout. We all were sooo tired! We started laughing at the dumbest things, LOL.We ate at our favorite late night coffee shop to cap it off. Everything was just so backwards. Last year, we Started at 4! Very tired. I stumbled home around 530. Forgot my breakfast for my grandma, and then I crashed! Sleep is good. And pumpkin pie the next day is better. Especially when I didn't bake it, LOL.

The next day is leftovers day...and I made what I call Poor Man's Turkey soup, here's the recipe. This isn't is what is, but it is good!

1 Turkey Neck for the stock (I also heard to use the bones...I didn't do that.)
2 cloves garlic
1/2 an onion chopped
4-6 cups water...I think more like 6. I didn't make much stock. I'm a first timer.
2 cups shredded turkey
1-2 cups veggies (i.e carrots, celery, green beans or I just used a bag of frozen mixed veggies)
Poultry Seasoning and Pepper to taste
Noodles ( I used a box of macaroni)
Maybe a bay leaf would be good, but I didn't use that either.

I didn't cook this slow..but first I seasoned the turkey neck with salt and pepper and I minced the garlic and threw it in the careful. Garlic burns!
Next when the neck has browned I added my water and seasonings. I added my turkey and seasonings and veggies. Bring to a boil, then turn the fire down and add the veggies and macaroni. Makes a big pot!! I do think next time I will add more water, if you run short like me..add chicken stock. Yum!


  1. I figured it out! it's because i was logged into my hotmail account instead of a google account. i'm glad it's working now.
    I just wanted to say that i love how you always experiemt with new recipes...i added it to my bucketlist to have that skill.

  2. Yay for figuring it out Tiffany! I may experiment...sometimes it works and sometimes not, but at least you try! :) Still working on the baking skills though. Lol! And a BIG Congrats on the Wong Scholarship. YEAH!!