Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Stuff.

Latenight blogging session... begin! I didn't get to work too much this week, boohoo. Not really. I actually was kinda glad. But I did work on Thurday night and GASP!! I did not go to the premiere of Breaking Dawn, oh no!

Ha Ha. I do love the books..and the movies. Some people are critical..but not me! So I was hoping my 12 hrs would go by quickly..and I tried my hardest to stay off of Facebook. Because I didn't want to hear about how amazing the movie was. But...I was bad, and headed to the next showing as soon as I left work. As I sat in the theatre at 9am I found it so funny to see everyone eating popcorn and drinking their soda. Where's breakfast?  ;)  It was sooo good! Two things were missing that I wanted to see..First was when Bella and Edward told Charlie about the engagement, I would have LOVED to see that. The other minor things I wanted to see what Bella's before car would have looked like, they talked in depth in the novel. And the wedding scene was everything I was hoping for..the dress was beautiful in the back, kind of simple in the front.  And the honeymoon in Isle Esme.....swoon. Kudos to the makeup department, Kristen looked absolutely horrible!! As a pregnant friend told me, it was hard to see her continue to carry the fetus, and then as she was giving birth hearing the cracking of the spine..ugh. And the drinking of the blood?! Gah! I see blood at least three times a week, and I was even a little squemish. Definetly want to see it again. Amazing!

Also this weekend I won this at a party!
So excited to use this, it smells so good!!

Can you see what I see? I must have been sick...Christmas tree and decorations are up and finished! And I even listened to Christmas music? Whoa! My usual is the day after Thanksgiving, but I decided to put them up early..crazy. Thanks Allie for helping me Saturday with my grocery expedition to Smiths and for helping me decorate...its good to have some help!
I had car problems this week...and just when I thought I was done..the battery died too. I should be good now for the next couple of months, LOL. And might I add the AAA was kinda creepy. That is all!
                                                          One of my favorite Christmas songs I heard on Sat. night.
                        Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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