Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time Out-Saturday

After staying up late on a whole three hours of sleep, oh my, Saturday note taking was not so good! But here's what I got out of my notes and of course my pictures.

Mariama Kallon- She shared her story about how she loved to go to school and be educated. She shared the horrific tale of how her family was murdered and she was raped. She shared about her conversion to the church, and how she began to read the Book of Mormon. She taught us the we need to forgive, because in forgiving others for whatever wrong  was done, it will make us free. She was a recipient of a hygeine kit from the Humanitarian Center. She had that and her Book of Mormon. They were her most prized posessions.  Sister Kallon is such a inspirational person. I love to hear from her! She spoke at my Stake Womens Conference a couple of years ago.
Misty and Mariama
Brad Wilcox- God has a plan. When you wonder about your future, you can look back and see how God has guided you in your life. He gives opportunities to grow. He puts people in our lives that we need at that time. He knows the big picture. The miracle of the Atonement is that we all can be transformed. Brad was asked by a  "born again" Christian "Have you been saved by Grace?" His response? Have you been CHANGED by grace?  This more than just saying we are saved by grace, but rather learning to apply the Atonement in our lives and becoming perfected through Christ. The miracle of the Atonement is a doctrine of human development. Experiences happen in our lives and we choose to change. We don't always want trials and adversity, but we develop spiritually through these experiences. Easter egg analogy- When we dye eggs at Easter, we change the eggs as we dye them. This is a reminder that the Atonement changes us as we apply it to our lives.

Deanna Flynn, Wendy Ulrich, Mariama Kallon, Brad w/Mariama's hat and Hillary Weeks.

Deanna Flynn-  Simplify our lives, declutter.
                          Your the heart of your home.
                           Strive to keep your home a place like "a heaven on earth"

    Deanna shared a story about a wayword son in junior high, and every night when the mother thought he was in his bed asleep, she whispered I love you every night. As he entered high school, he took a change. He was striving to do better. Honoring his priesthood. He even made the choice to serve a mission. When another friend had asked her for her advice, she said something, which I forgot..but anyways the son stood in the room and heard his mom and said "That wasn't it mom. Don't you remember? I waited for you everynight to hear you say you loved me. Thats what changed me." Oh, that warmed my heart!!

We then broke for lunch, and after lunch we put together the Possibility Packs for the Dove House Women's Shelter...

Dang..I really didn't need another picture, oh well. Here we are in line.
Wendy Ulrich- Key to being happy = Work on your strengths.
"I didn't call you for your weaknesses. I called your your strengths." Don't try to get motivated to exercise "Don't wait to get motivated. Do it anyway." SO TRUE!! Applies for me in areas like personal scripture reading, exercise.

Stop trying to find friends, instead develop skills of friendship.

Don't try to "feel happy" . Try to feel grateful.  Write down 3 good things, and why they happened.

Hillary Weeks- She had this little clicker. Everytime she had a negative thought she would click it. She had quite a few, LOL. But then she reversed it to the positive instead of the negative. For one month, she prayed to Heavenly Father what was the most important thing to do for that day. Her to-do list was never long, one maybe two things to do for that day. One day she was prompted to write her daughter a little note. Her daughter later told her at that moment she needed to know she loved her. The video i'm sharing is the one she shared at TOFW. Its amazing!

Peggy, Penny, Misty and Amanda!

                                                            Lastly..a little Time Out Swag!
So..what did I learn for me from all of this? I need to try a little harder to be a little better. :) I honestly love to read, but I admit scripture reading for me has been a challenge. But what I can say is this if I can spend time on Facebook, Pinterest, blogging...etc, etc. Why can't I read my scriptures, if not for a little bit. So far this week i've been striving for 10 minutes. And its been really good. I'm super proud. I have heard when we pray for certain things, that heavenly father may answer us back through reading the scriptures. I need to keep this up.  :)

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