Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hi. I have been up  for over 24 hrs now. Now, anyone in their right mind would tell me..."Go to sleep woman!" Believe you me, I want to. But I'm too excited, for what I'm not sure. I am excited that I am off tonight, thats for sure. I might go catch the movie 17 Miracles, which I am excited to see. Since I have become a believer in writing things down, so I don't forget them...well here I am. As I sit here eating my muffin with the nooks and crannies, and some questionable lunch meat..because I was too lazy to go grocery shopping, i'm here.  It may be funny, at least it is to me. Its for me and its for you. Here goes...

So, last night I was playing the clock game..what I like to call when I'm running late for work, don't worry I was right on time. Anywhoo..have you ever looked at something in life, whether on a drive or whatever..and it triggers a memory? It happened to me last night. I'll explain.

First I saw this on my way to the Hospital.
This is the new VW bus. Kinda cute..but it triggered a memory of my Dad.
He drove this gem...
It looked like this except maybe a navy blue. I was little and I remembered this. But this was a long line of cars my parents owned. My dad loved to buy used, and then every few years or so trade them in for something else. Do you know people that do this? I tend to drive my cars until the wheels off. ;)

One I remembered was this one, which I affectionately called "The Ratz"

And lastly among the pleuthra of other cars was this gem...

And, it was this color joke. Not so much the color of Kermit, but the green around him.

But wait...there's more.  There these two huge celebrities painted on the side of this van..
Oh my. Can you imagine being a fourth grader and having your parents dropping you off in this? My dad thought it was really cool. I was SO embarassed. But as an adult I can appreciate that now, although I would probably still be mortified. The inside was pretty cool though, it had shag carpenting throughout..a lovely shade of yellow. A table in the back that turned down into a bed, and a sink and fridge that didn't work. I also remember riding with my dad and grandma one Saturday after we had taken her grocery shopping..we had a blowout as we were turning the corner in the neighborhood..and my neighbors thought it was a driveby. :) I also remember as a little girl watching Star Wars faithfully every day with my neighborhood friends and eating Ritz sandwiches with the cheese in the film, along with Annie..but now I don't remember the original Star Wars..I need to watch that again. Just some reflections...

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